Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sweet tits!! Is that a new custom gun LB??

Alex Fraige pimpin' here by going old skool with the big ear piece.

After giving his RAZA headband to me- Todd Martinez to resort to using a hair net.

Luxe: Knock knock
Angel: Who's there?
Luxe: Luxe
Angel:Luxe who?
Angel Fragoza's Luxe talking shit to him.

Todd and Davey beat up Austin Powers for this and are on the look out for X-Zibit to come and pimp their 'low rida'.

Mike Paxon here with a Pinokio. Ironmen do not have a hopper contract- so they use whatever they want. Ollie has been spotted using the NXe JRNYs.

Have you ever seen a yellow Luxe? Well here you go.

Err Paint check?!?!

Dave isn't paying Nicky enough...

Hey its Johnny Knoxville! AKA Josh Davey of Edmonton Impact.

Bart couldn't quite convince Josh Davey that he wasn't fit to play.

For a moment here I thought Jon Richardson decided to get curls done but its not really Infamous here.

Keeley sweety *sigh*

Nice Jersey Americans!. You've got a winner Allan Phang

Hawt jersey

Naughty Dogs - new ND shocker and new Jersey. (the old digi camo ones is nicer)

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