Monday, August 11, 2008

Player Sponsorship + HB09

I was talking to one of the young pro players he he told me that it is not easy being a pro player who is struggling in financial terms. He has to rely on an outside sponsor to get them basic things like a marker, tank and loader just to get on the team. He had to cut his internet access off at home to save money.

So I am thinking if he needs a sponsor next year- my blog and the readers could help to chip him to sponsor him. I think all we need is maybe about USD$1200-1500 and if 60 people chipped in about USD20 each we'd be able to raise $1200 min.

I think it would be a first and a really cool thing to be involved and to help out a pro player. I think it would be really cool to see our names or a logo all the way from Singapore/Malaysia on a Pro Jersey over there.

Any comments on this idea please post them up.

I am seriously thinking of going to Huntington Beach for NPPL Super 7s next March. Not only just going there to watch the games but I'd like to try and get on NPPL Live and commentate on some of the games. I have spoken to Chuch Hench about commentating he seemed positve about it. I will write to Nick Truter and see what he thinks- even if they give me 2 mins on an Thursday slot I'd be pretty happy.

As some of you might know- Deamonz Reds are going to HB in 09 - at least I'll have some kaki to hangout and crew for if they need some help.

I'm starting to save up for NPPL HB09 now- lets see how we go.

Have a good MPOC4 week everyone.

And a BIG THANK YOU for everyone around the world who checks in here as you can see in he stats on the side panel I get people from all over the world. I'm very proud and honored to have your support.

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noir said...

i totally support the idea. and i'd totally help!