Saturday, August 9, 2008

Red Sevens at the NPPL Asian inviational

Least I forget my team

This team line up is as good as it gets.
Back L-R Shafrul "Callio" Omar, Benedict "Calgar" Chen, Daryl "Darlie" Yap, me, Azlan "Padam Petir"Amir
Front L-R Benjamin "King" Seow and Jane "Elle"Koh

I didn't realise we were an 'all-star' team until I saw this photo - or I'd taken out one of my pro jerseys and worn it in the games.

This is one of my fav times with the team- when we all first meet up and we're all just hanging in the hotel room- fixing up and cleaning our markers. As for me I just take out my Cyborg- oil the bolt and I'm good to go. My gun is ready in 5 mins with tank and loader on.

When you have a certain model of marker *ahem* - you have to be cleaning and relubing those suckers all the time

Ah yes- this is what I had to fix last year for Ben and what I call "the ultimate snake gun" Its a "ah beng chia" drop forward that is so far forward that I had to figure out how to run the inline hose. My solution is to run it FORWARD and them U turn it back to the ASA below. Thus the ION is super tight- hence the name "The Ultimate Snake Gun"

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