Thursday, August 7, 2008


Someone called me up out of the blue today from JB asking if I had some of the Markers as seen on my blog. Well the answer is - no I don't have all the markers for sale.

Most of the guns you were WERE for sale but only at Desaru last Sunday- along with the TT google straps.

I told everyone about it long time ago - now is a bit too late. And well some of you had to go play in NPL in Melaka so you guys lucked out on some pretty sweet deals. I got and Ego form TT and My team mate scored a bushwacker edition Ego from Mr hot dude Prince.

I can try hook some people up with Jerseys with the pro teams. But I'll only do it for people I know. I want to support the pros in getting their stuff sold but I don't want to end up being a jersey bazaar.

Anyway- next time the pros come into town- let me know what you want and I'll hook you guys up. Same goes for the pros- they all know me by now heh heh.

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