Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photos from NPPL Asian Invitational

I finally got some photos from the weekend from Jon - I'll upload when I can to this post.

This is one of my favs because it shows how cool the guys were- we just hung out with them at the bar on Friday night. This pic is with the XSV boys.
L-R Daryl, Anthony, Conrad Rangel, Dustin, Junior Brown and Ben.

Mr sexy cool, Prince of the bushwackers with Jon. He was drinking alone by the pool so the guys hung out with him till 2am.

Me and Conrad Rangel - the first XSV jersey I got was his jersey from 07 and that was his first pro season. When I told him that I got his jersey he ws so stokked "no way!". Conrad in just 21 - finished high school and wanted to go pro so he started practicing with XSV at Rich's field. At first he couldnt get on the team so he continued to practice for almost 2 years and 07 was the first time he made the pro team. He also coaches greco and free style wresting to suppliment his income. He loves animals and wants to see everything there is to see and experience in the world - like walking in the jungle and seeing wild animals etc.

This pic is from Ben- it was really good to see Jason and Ben hang out and be good friends. Jason and his brother are playing for Bushwackers and they hung out and talked to us like any normal kid. Jason had a girlfriend back in the states so Ben lent him his phone to call her a few times. Of all the young layers the Bushwackers are the most easy going- they came to our tent and hung out with us and borrow our gear! hahahah. Pros borrowing our gear. Jason needed a tank so we hooked him up. When Ben played an awesome game- he went and bunkered the 50 dorito and went all the way down the firl to finish the last guy off- the whole Bushwacker team was watching and they all cheered for Ben - that was a proud moment for every in the team for Ben.

more later.


vijil said...

Hi there, love your blog and have been following it for a while! I'm wondering if you have any photos of the invitational final, or know where I can find any? The internet seems to be completely blank when it comes to photos or videos of the event itself! It's like it never happened :/

CALGAR said...
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SEBURO said...


You might want to check Dez might have some pics.

The Bushwacker boys won the final. We were really happy for them to pick up something that would have boosted their morale and confidence. Of all the teams they played the tightest and they beat Dynasty like twice.

vijil said...

Ah, thanks for that there's a few good ones in there of the event and the pros, *right click save*.

I was a bit ambiguous - I was actually referring to the non-pro final, between NZ and Australia. Or even any game with the Kiwis in it.

Don't worry if they're hard to find, I'll keep looking :)