Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clever New Gizmos from MacDev

I came across this very problem a couple of times-when we needed to swap someone's rig with another tank but the reg is too short to screw all the way onto the ASA. The smart boys at MacDev have come up with a great solution - a reg extender.

I'm def going to get one to keep in the tool kit for sure one of these days we're going to need it with everyone using Myth regs these days.

This is also another piece of clever engineering and thinking by the MacDev boys. Its a cover for your ASA at the back of your gun and the top of your tank reg when not in use. This protects both the reg on your tank and the ASA on your gun and stops from dirt and sand from getting into your gun.

When you've got your tank screwed onto your rig- you can put both of these pieces back together so you wont lose them.



SEBURO said...

So Pro Paintball – when are these coming?

Nicholas Chan said...


They are already in ProPaintball.

Check out their posts on the Xtion forum

SEBURO said...

cant find it in xtion. where was it posted?

Nicholas Chan said...

Its here.....