Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was watching the NPPL All star Game from Jax this morning and I spotted an old friend playing in it.

I didn't realise till this morning that he got voted into the All Star Team and played for the South Conference. I checked my preview on the All-Star Game in May and his name is indeed on the list.

How cool is that?!

In game One you'd see a great partnership in moving up between Chris Lasoya and Nicky Cuba. I think Chris basically took out the entire front line of the North Team. On the other hand they were stopped at the north 40 by the good crossing up by the back right and the center temple. Chris got shot out by the back right and it took somebody doing a bunkering move to kill that corner before the South team could finish off the game.

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*ahem* Oh and BTW I love this video because it opens to a shot of my gun

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