Sunday, May 18, 2008


Game one
Alex Fraige of the South Team runs all the way to the snake 50 like a madman.
Rusty Glaze of North Team gets shot out soon after.
Alex goes to bunker the other snake guy- trades out.
Ryan gets out
Ollie goes into the snake- makes his move all the way up- shoots some out and make it all the way to their right corner.
Nicky Cuba also make it to the flag - he hangs it at 4.30

Game two
North Team Marcus Niesel makes a dash to the 50 car wash- doesnt make it. Service was interrupted- South win it.

Game three - as below
In game 3 game the South Team went all out with Alex Fraige running all the way to the 40s on outside of the snake. He then jumped over the snake at the 50 to bunker the snake. The refs called a 3 for 1 for "playing on because" he must have gotten hit before he jumped over the snake. So that left only Ryan Greenspan at the back right corner and it was 5 on 1. North "officially" take it.


Thomas Taylor - Sacramento Excessive
Josh Ouimet - Edmonton Impact
Rusty Glaze - Los Angeles Infamous
Chris Lasoya - Escondido Aftermath
Ryan Greenspan - San Diego Dynasty
Bea Youngs - Destiny
Allan Johnson BAD COMPANY
Chino Carbajal - Miami Rage
Todd Martinez - San Diego Dynasty
Markus Neilsen - D.C. Arsenal

Target Shooting 20 balls at 3 distances- the further the more points.
Winner- (think its) Todd Martinez or Chino

100 feet
shoot 4 targets in sequence
grab flag
run back to start gate to stop time

Thomas Taylor missed one of the targets and didn't shoot in sequence had to go back and re shoot- big slide home.

Rusty Glaze - comes out shooting ONE HANDED!! hahahha
Josh Ouimet - runs and shoots all 4 on the dot and is the fastest back.
Chris Lasoya- PLAY OF THE DAY- shoots the right target and then left and then right and spins 180 to shoot the left target without having to change hangs.
Ryan Greenspan summersaults after shooting the last target before grabbing the flag.
JOSH is the Winner.

Taylor vs Nielsen - Thomas wins
Rusty va Todd Martinez- Rusty
Josh Ouimet va Chino- Chino
Lasoya vs Adam Johnson - Lasoya
Bea Youngs va ryan - ryan wins ( and gets booed)

Round 2
Chino vs Lasoya- chino, chino (ref decision)
Ryan vs Josh - Ryan goes to the 50 straight again with the LUXE. ryan wins the 2nd game.
Thomas vs Rusty- thomas wins both

Semi Final
Thomas vs Chino - Thomas
Ryan va Lasoya - Lasoya

Chris Lasoya va Thomas taylor - Lasoya wins

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