Sunday, May 18, 2008


The big shock of the day is that tournament favorites - Dynasty did NOT make it to Sunday!

Other favorites Ironmen just made it on to Sunday as the last and 4th place team on Group 2.

Other notable OUTs are Infamous, Impact and the All Americans. Dynasty finished 7th was only one position above old rivals XSV. Impact are ot having a great fortnight- going home early last and this week.

Notable INs are the OC Bushwackers - Ron Kilborn and the boys are BACK!! Jersey Authority with the two Lundquist brothers topped Group 2. Avalanche was had a bad tournament at MAO finished in a strong 2nd place. And Aftermath who bounced back from a dissapointing MAO outing.

Rank PRO
GROUP 1 (Top 4 Advance)
1 New England Hurricanes
2 St. Louis Avalanche
3 Oakland Blast
4 OC Bushwackers

5 Chicago Aftershock
6 DC Arsenal
7 San Diego Dynasty
8 Sacramento Excessive
9 Tampa Bay Damage

GROUP 2 (Top 4 Advance)
1 Jersey Authority
2 Escondido Aftermath
3 San Antonio X-Factor
4 Golden State Ironmen

5 Los Angeles Infamous
6 Edmonton Impact
7 Portland Naughty Dogs
8 Pittsburgh All Americans
9 Miami Rage

The pre-game poll certainly did not reflect the Sat results.
Daryl would be happy because Dynasty is out - and HK finished 6th in Div 1 and made it to Sunday.
SBen wouldn't be happy cos Chino and the 305 boys finised lst in Group 2.
I'm ok - Ironmen and X-Factor are still in but Infamous are out.

I'm wearing my OC Bushwackers Jersey today!

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