Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dye sign up TON TONS

The biggest news from France is that long time Smart Part/Shocker shooters – the TonTons have left and signed up with Dye! Even though this year is supposed to be a "off" year they have pulled the biggest news out of France and the CPL in a while.

Will we see Dye creating a yellow line of jerseys etc for the Tontons? Maybe we'll see Tavarez and Fabrice in WCA again for Dye.


Darlie said...

damnn..dye is starting replace the role of smartparts in the attempt to monopolize the pb market..

SEBURO said...

Yeah SP better start picking up some pro teams soon- they're losing teams to Dye pretty fast. SP has been slacking and resting on Dynasty Dogs and All Americans.

They had the Russians pick off them and now the most famous European team of all.

Wanna know why there is no Smart Parts World Cup since 2006? Not enough SP teams to make up the tournament and SP wouldn't want an Ego or DM8 based team to win it.