Monday, May 19, 2008


How to watch NPPL Seburo Style

I watch the FA cup every year and I've only missed it like twice in 30 years. This year the two finalists were not of any interest to me so I skipped it to watch the NPPL.

Anyway this Sunday night- I watched the Sunday prelims and had a blast watching and posting a couple (read:two) of shouts and got the RED SEVENS mentioned at least 4 times on NPPL live. Jane came on at 11 plus and got her shout our mentioned too. The RED SEVENS got mentioned 5 times across the paintball world.

This is how I set up to watch the NPPL. The field layout of the top left- game schedules on the top right. Game screen on the bottom right and my buddies on MSN on the bottom left.

Coverage on the NPPL field is awersome- plus interviews with some of our fav players- check the blog for more later during the week- I've got tons of material to post up.

Its 113am and I've got an awesome night of paintball coming up.

Thank god tomorrow is a public holiday.

EDIT 118AM- The Semis line up for PRO Div is up.
Semis 1 Oakland Blast vs Golden State Ironmen
Semis 2 Escondido Aftermath vs New England Hurricanes

Semis one would be a big match up Bob Long's new team vs Bob Long's old team. I'm picking IRONMEN FTW.
Aftermath is the hot fav on Sunday- but I'm picking the Hurricanes to meet the Ironmen in the final since they're sending me a jersey next week :)

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