Thursday, May 29, 2008

R.I.P. U.K.S.

Matty Marshall revealed on NPPL Live JAX 2 weeks ago that UKS is no longer. "U.K.S suffered the D3 blues". The team broke up because of money, family and work commitments. sSme of the guys have moved on and even played in Semi pro teams at Jax.

While thousands of fans will mourn the demise of the the team- you can still get great UKS memorabilia online. The UKS KM Strap is SOLD OUT and you might still find some UKS jerseys- the white tshit is sick.

Check out the custom masks from a fan in Germany! Awersome

For those of you who dont know.... (where the fuck have you been?)
U.K.S or Unknown Soldiers was a D3 team that got together to try and win a leg of the NPPL in D3. They paid Matty Marshall with a trantula to be their coach. All their exploits in the 5 legs of the NPPL season was shot on video and posted on the net on you tube.

Most of the music on the videos are by a band called Breaking Benjamin and the opening theme song is called "Unknown Soldier". I have been listening to BB non stop since I heard that UKS have broken up.


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