Friday, May 30, 2008

See you all in Penang

This is the last post before heading up to Penang for MPOC3. We're going to paint the town red :P

We will be flying up tomorrow evening- taking a taxi up to JB from Singapore and flying Datuk Tony Fernandez's plane up to Penang.

I'l really looking forward to meeting up with old friends and playing the new venue. There is a new team from Indonesia and a team from Sabah. I predict there will be a team from Brunei and Miri soon.

I'll be back on Monday night - hopefully with lots of news and stuff to post up.

Have a good weekend and check back next Tuesday.

In the mean time watch some UKS for old time's sake- click on the UKS icon below for links to the videos.


noir said...

Best of luck!!!

cyber_junk said...

Jay Paul here..... come and visit us at
get in touch man!! or beter still get your guys to fly in to have rumbler in the jungle!!!...... no air obstacles....! weekend preferaly... if you want will arrange the transport and accom. and u guys pay here in kch.