Saturday, May 17, 2008


SOUTH TEAM - Ollie Lang talking to Tod Martinez and Zach Long and SBen- that's Aaron Thorley next to Todd.

Ryan Greenspan with Nicky Cuba

The All-Star Game was 3 games - 7 men game with 7 minutes on the clock for each game.

The South Team in red jerseys actually won the first 2 games. They rolled over the North team pretty convincingly. Then the officials called the 3rd game as "the one that really counts".

In game 3 game the South Team went all out with Alex Fraige running all the way to the 40s on outside of the snake. He then jumped over the snake at the 50 to bunker the snake. The refs called a 3 for 1 for playing on because he must have gotten hit before he jumped over the snake. So that left only Ryan Greenspan at the back right corner and it was 5 on 1. North "officially" take it.

In other Highlights Chirs Lasoya beat Thomas Taylor in the One on One Challenge final in the Skills Challenge.

More reports tonight including the Skills Challenge which included Target Shooting, Running and Shooting and the One on One- I have to go to the field.

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