Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue gear for Junior

I was showing Junior this last night- my pal Todd Martinez from Dynasty selling his gear.

I really love this- this is a one-of-a kind digi camo Dynasty blue JT pant.

This is Todd's personalised Hybrid/Aftermath etched Shocker. If you're wondering what's going on here - Todd played for Aftermath for PSP last year and for Dynasty for the rest of the other tournaments.

Anyway I'd buy the whole kit - give itto Junior as a birthday present BUT I'll keep the google frame :P

This is a funny pic - if you've met him... he'd be like bugging you to get it.


noir said...

Arthurrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! we need to talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEBURO said...

talk about what?

SEBURO said...

1 min later- Oh I realsied my faux pas

Sorry dude. I'll distract him with shadow pupperty....

noir said...

talk about some Dynasty stuff! *huge grin*

SEBURO said...

NEWS FLASH TO NOIR > - He DOESNT LIKE DYNASTY JERSEYS. Ask Calgar- he said it in front of all of us Gurney Drive.