Tuesday, May 20, 2008


James Grundy is the guy who designed the famous Cyborg Markers for MacDev - he's the kind of engineering genius that makes things work- work well and don't break. And on top of that he's a very nice down to earth Aussie bloke.

Now you'd think that the guys in the MacDev thread in PBNation would give him more than some respect.... but no. When you're posting shit in PBNation - you better know your shit or you're going to get caned*.

Its fucking hilarious- you have to be a baller and a MacDev shooter to get this and an Aussie too esp the last bit.

James Grundy gets Caned

James@MacDev: rage vid not sure if anyone has posted this yet?
very cool, even makes jerry look good!

Adrenaline-Junkie: Kinda old there james. lol

e_friccero: jeese james wat a noob

James@MacDev: well sooooorrrrry for not being soooo ecool!

pfnpb2x: Pssh...wow that's old.
Miami Rage doesn't shoot Droids anymore, they shot Droids 3 years ago.

e_friccero: its alright james we know everything shows up late down there
i mean you guys just got ipods last week right?
(a rip snorta this one hahahhahaha)

James@MacDev: ipods are in xmas this year......
(James tires but fails to make a comeback)

eddahenry: Cool stuff james and Ha just herd Star wars return of the jedi is on at the drive through you wanna take the girls to see it ill even take the new VB Commodore

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