Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MPOC 3 Penang - Governor's Cup Preview

Well its 3 more days to go to Penang. We had a great time in Penang last year- I went up to KL first and drove up with Azlan and William. We did pretty well and got into the second round and lucked out. Penang is a great place to play a PB tournament and with the looks of the City Stadium this year- I'm really looking forward to playing in a stadium environment for the first time.

Penang is also special for us because we have many good friends up there and it's always great to see them.

Lets have a look at the field plans for MPOC 3 Penang.

The Draxxus field typically has the towering red cones which I won't play at all. There is a decent snake and dorito side and the doritos arc to the inside of the center field. This field will be a traditional snake vs dorito game. The back corners are all doritos which makes it a little more technical for the corner backs.
The key bunkers to me are the 40 doritos and the 50 cans.

For a moment there I thought this was a copy of the field in last weekend's Campaign cup. I was going to write to Cyril Job of Icon to ask him how they played this field.
Turns out there is a slight difference- but the similarities lie in the "clock" formation where the bunkers surround the "M" in the middle.

The bunkers on both tapes are symetrical- which makes it a little bit harder to call the bunkers. I have come up with my way of tagging the bunkers which will be used to call them out during the games.

The tomb stones at the center back are pretty much useless - I call them the grave yard- get into them and you'd be d-e-a-d. It'll be the center's job to lane on the move and move up to the center cone on the breaks. The corner back have to haul ass to make it to their corner maya's which will offer substantial protection. This field will be a long-bow game between the corners. I like this a little more because I can go either way left or right and the field is the same on both tape sides.

Key bunkers are the 30 and 50 cans- and if you're fast enough the M because if you run up the middle the M offers some decent protection.

Lets see how accurate my calls are when we walk and play the actual fields.

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