Tuesday, May 20, 2008


One of the big plays on Sunday was the Semi Pro Semi finals between Phoenix United and Dynasty Entourage.

The Dynasty snake guy went from snake 2 and squirreled all the way up to Phoenix's Snake2. There was a Phoenix snake guy guarding the snake side - he thinks that Dynasty guy is still at his mirror at Dynasty Snake 2 so he shoots straight down all day long.

The Dynasty guy was super careful not to bump into the snake 2 bunker as he slides into place without the Phoenix guy knowing that he's there.
Lesson learnt here- don't bump into the bunkers in the snake - it'll give your position away instantly

He steadies himself reloads (you can see his empty pod next to him) and points the marker at the side and WAITS PATIENTLY for the Phoenix guy to go bunker him.

The Phonenix guy shoots tape for about a min plus - time is agonisingly slow and I'm sitting here shitting myself not to mention the Dynasty guy in there having to wait for the move. Finally after almost 2 minutes of shootnig tape - Phoenix guy decides that S2 is not coming - he makes his move to bunker only to be blasted at close range.

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