Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 08 Infamous and XSV jerseys are finally here!

My 08 Infamous and XSV jerseys are finally here – brand new! In the bag with tag still on! Stokkin! Thank you Tako san!

I don’t really like the XSV jersey so I’m trading it for this 07 XSV jersey which I think its way cooler because it was designed by BBK. It was their second 07 jersey which is much nicer and super rare. I have never seen a real pic of this until now.

Wouldnt mind Greg's jersey- he's playing with Ironmen at the moment and on loan to Aftermath which he won with at Jacksonville.


Anonymous said...

this is the last time that I am asking...where is the design for our jersey? never going to ask again...

SEBURO said...

thank you for not asking again