Thursday, May 8, 2008


I cant say I love DMs but I love the laser artwork on Billy's Personal DM8.
Check out the custom bolt with his name and number etched on it - nice.
After seeing a few dodgy artwork on some PL and SL markers - this one is one of the best next to the Contract Killer/Bob Long.

Billy Get Your Guns


Darlie said...
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Darlie said...

Damn..that is of the nicest Laser engraved PL's i've seen. IMHO MacDev makes the SHITTIEST PL markers, i'm referring to all the trash that has rolled outta the droid range..complete atrotious lasering, not to mention crappy designs? i mean hire a real artist to do the art work not some stupid pencil pushing clerk..i mean..consillium dei? so what if they come from Switzerland, you don't have to laser the Damn Jungfrau swiss alps on to the damn marker..i mean, i wouldn't be surprised if Ronin gets the Twin towers lasered on to their PL droids..utter rubbish..

Anonymous said...


The artwork on the PL Doids haven't been that exciting- Miami Rage and Consilium Dei's and even she special coloured ones that MacDev supplied to CD to shoot with before their PLs arrived. CD loves the Matterhorn - they even have it on their jerseys.

The only one I really like is the HK Army Droid.

I prefer the ol school anno work like in the 06 Egos- the PLs with anno colour combos and team logo stamping was cool. Now with laser etching etc they get a bit carried away.

Anyway I'm no the hunt for a nice 07 PL