Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dye's Tampa Bay Damage C8 Jerseys

Who said Dye makes custom team jerseys only for the Ironmen and Nexus....? (Actually it was Patrick)

Dont really like these but I do like the possiblity of Dye making custom jerseys for other teams other than the Ironmen and Nexus.

However I DO LOVE the jersey colours for Benfica of Lisbon (not the crest). Love the red white and black colour combo.

EDIT: Benfica is the same famous football team. As one of the biggest clubs in Portugal and Europe they have other sports in their organisation and they just bought XSV's place in the CPL to field a pro paintball team renamed Lisbon Benfica. The team members are from a team called Paintoon. Nice to have a huge football organisation like Benfica to come along and pick your team up.


Darlie said...

mmm, then how about LTZ Jerseys, or the London bullets? theres a couple more teams which i can't think of.

SEBURO said...

I think Ironmen, London Nexus and LTZ were the only ones with Custom C7 jerseys last year.

Aftershock didnt have a C7 only C6.

Budapest bullets didnt get custom- they printed their logo on a regular C7s.

Custom C7 have alternate coloured arms- regualr C7 were Black with Red arms where as the team C7s had black arms in the case of the Ironmen. LTZ's gold was on the body.