Thursday, January 27, 2011


PALS CHINA has been postponed to a tentative date April 29- May1 because the original date runs the same time as the Boao Forum.

WTF is a the "Boao Forum"? well it is a "a non-government, non-profit international organization, Boao Forum For Asia (BFA) is the most prestigious and premier forum for leaders in government, business and academia in Asia and other continents to share visions on the most pressing issues in this dynamic region and the world at large. "

So with former head of countries (Goh Chok Tong and Ahmadf Badawi) and various VIPs coming to Hainan for the Boao Forum; the Hainan Government has decreed that they will not have anyone running around with a 'firearms' during the week of the forum.

This throws a spanner in the works for those people who have book plane tickets and hotels. The organisers have asked everyone to wait for the new date to be confirmed before rebooking flights and hotels.

Official Announcement on the PALS China Website with a statement from Michael Whybrew


I always find it ironic that you can carry these things around Singapore and keep it at home, but you cannot do the same with a paintball marker.

This is a cantilever bow which people use to hunt large game and it can kill a person. Where as paintball markers cannot kill anyone. But one is considered a 'firearm' and the other is not. Where as both do not have any gunpowder or any explosive propellant of any kind.

I am biased when I say that this cantilever bow with a pointy arrow looks a lot more menacing than a paintball marker. We see guns on the TV all the time and kids with toy guns that to us it would be less menacing that one of this cantilever bow.

I guess its because all paintball markers "look" like guns and one cannot tell what is a speedball marker and those scenario markers and what is a real gun/rifle.

If and when they do leagalise private ownership of paintball markers - the other can of worms to be opened will be all the realistic looking scenario markers.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PALS THAILAND - Early Bird Discount

Spot Ivan in the poster


L-R Seburo Edition, Gold for Ivan, Titanium series and Rainbow Series
[click pic to see it larger]

I was looking at some tools to add to my kit. These guys from Switzerland make awesome looking hex tools BUT unfortunately all the good looking ones are in metric and Dye uses inch :(

Those who shoot Egos guys could use these though.

They have a series in Rainbow and they can do kits in "Personal Colour" Green, Blue, Red, Yellow etc- so you know which ones are yours. There is 24k gold kit and a set in super lightweight Titanium.

I use this 3/32 Screw Driver from Bondhus to access the grip on my DM9 and to change the top plate/hopper lid for the Rotor. This is the most useful tool in my kit. If you have a Dye/Proto marker and want one - email me. Cost is about SGD10/USD7.8 each.

I'm also ordering a 3/16 screwdriver for adjusting the Chrono on Dye Hyper 3 Regs. To take off the whole Hyper 3 reg for servicing and cleaning you'd need a 5/16 hex key which is not available as a screwdriver.

Monday, January 24, 2011


HAHAHA! Even Shane Howe got into the Seburo edition colour scheme black/green with his new Bob Long

Friday, January 21, 2011

MPOC1 2011

Our first MPOC1 tournament of the year was last weekend we bought along a newly formed Div 3 team with us in RED SEVENS 2. Our fresh crop of young players Carl, Tom, Mark, Lester, Jeremy, Jason and Sofie in our new Div3 team who played in their first MPOC and did very well to make it all the way to the finals on their very first MPOC.

We're extremely proud that the new guys have done so well to finish in second place on their first MPOC. Some of the guys on the team played at the World Cup Asia last November so MPOC1 was their second tournament together.

As for the D2 team- we did well to win all 6 of our preliminary games. With the increased number of teams in Div 2 this year we had to play 6 matches 4 of Sat and 2 on Sunday. Followed by Quarter finals and then Semi Finals and Finals. We had Azlan back in the team after a year out and Kiko came along to boost the forward line. I captained the Red Sevens again and went to the weekend hoping for the best and we did well to finish with a Third Placing losing only one match which was in the Semi finals to eventual winners CMX Republic.

The venue was at Putra University which was way out of KL but the MPOC got us cheap rooms at the Palace of the Golden Horses same hotel for WCA in 09.

The field was rather good the MPOC gave us two table and a lot of chairs. So that I have to thank and say that it was really appreciated. Comfort level was high as the tents were under trees and despite raining on Sat night the field and pit areas were not muddy.

I do have to say that I have been noticing the cuts and holes in the air arenas which thus lead to a couple of delays then the arenas collapsed and needed to be refilled. This was why the Millenium Series stopped using the arenas and went back to the old styled pole and nets. I must say that I do prefer the poles and nets as the this arena frames make it hard for coaches and spotters to see. Furthermore the noise from paint hitting the sides also doesnt help the coaches to get their instructions into the field. So I'm not a big fan of the air arenas for playing xball/M7 format.

The weekend went by smoothly without major dramas. It felt like a short and sweet weekend rather than sitting around waiting for the 10 prelims and finals in hot Pattaya. Again the extra tables, chairs and tents made everyone feel comfortable and not having to squeeze with other teams. The weather was good paintball weather with the sun behind the clouds but no rain. I hope we get the same number of tables and chairs and one team per tent at the next MPOC.

MPOC1 Federal Territory Cup
Red Sevens - Third Place Division 2
Red sevens 2- Second Place Division 3


I was looking around to see if anyone had annoed or photoshopped green DYE NTs into green and voila! This is the best picture I have come across so far on the net.

I've been bugging Dye to specially make 20 of these in polished green. I even spoke to Dave personally about it lol. I should get in touch with Billy Wing and bug him but these days they are all made in Taiwan.

I guarantee that the other 19 'Green Lanterns' will be sold out in no time. Dye specially made 1 Gloss Red NT for a friend of mine and it gathered enough interest to make a very limited number of 15 of the Gloss Red ones. They wre sold out quickly, people kept asking for the 'Superman' NT that they re made a second batch of the Polished red ones. One of my team mates has 2.

This is close to the lime edition that Dye has but I like the green being this much more intense.

Found this on speedball world, its a custom anno job and it looks great.