Friday, January 21, 2011

MPOC1 2011

Our first MPOC1 tournament of the year was last weekend we bought along a newly formed Div 3 team with us in RED SEVENS 2. Our fresh crop of young players Carl, Tom, Mark, Lester, Jeremy, Jason and Sofie in our new Div3 team who played in their first MPOC and did very well to make it all the way to the finals on their very first MPOC.

We're extremely proud that the new guys have done so well to finish in second place on their first MPOC. Some of the guys on the team played at the World Cup Asia last November so MPOC1 was their second tournament together.

As for the D2 team- we did well to win all 6 of our preliminary games. With the increased number of teams in Div 2 this year we had to play 6 matches 4 of Sat and 2 on Sunday. Followed by Quarter finals and then Semi Finals and Finals. We had Azlan back in the team after a year out and Kiko came along to boost the forward line. I captained the Red Sevens again and went to the weekend hoping for the best and we did well to finish with a Third Placing losing only one match which was in the Semi finals to eventual winners CMX Republic.

The venue was at Putra University which was way out of KL but the MPOC got us cheap rooms at the Palace of the Golden Horses same hotel for WCA in 09.

The field was rather good the MPOC gave us two table and a lot of chairs. So that I have to thank and say that it was really appreciated. Comfort level was high as the tents were under trees and despite raining on Sat night the field and pit areas were not muddy.

I do have to say that I have been noticing the cuts and holes in the air arenas which thus lead to a couple of delays then the arenas collapsed and needed to be refilled. This was why the Millenium Series stopped using the arenas and went back to the old styled pole and nets. I must say that I do prefer the poles and nets as the this arena frames make it hard for coaches and spotters to see. Furthermore the noise from paint hitting the sides also doesnt help the coaches to get their instructions into the field. So I'm not a big fan of the air arenas for playing xball/M7 format.

The weekend went by smoothly without major dramas. It felt like a short and sweet weekend rather than sitting around waiting for the 10 prelims and finals in hot Pattaya. Again the extra tables, chairs and tents made everyone feel comfortable and not having to squeeze with other teams. The weather was good paintball weather with the sun behind the clouds but no rain. I hope we get the same number of tables and chairs and one team per tent at the next MPOC.

MPOC1 Federal Territory Cup
Red Sevens - Third Place Division 2
Red sevens 2- Second Place Division 3

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