Friday, January 21, 2011


I was looking around to see if anyone had annoed or photoshopped green DYE NTs into green and voila! This is the best picture I have come across so far on the net.

I've been bugging Dye to specially make 20 of these in polished green. I even spoke to Dave personally about it lol. I should get in touch with Billy Wing and bug him but these days they are all made in Taiwan.

I guarantee that the other 19 'Green Lanterns' will be sold out in no time. Dye specially made 1 Gloss Red NT for a friend of mine and it gathered enough interest to make a very limited number of 15 of the Gloss Red ones. They wre sold out quickly, people kept asking for the 'Superman' NT that they re made a second batch of the Polished red ones. One of my team mates has 2.

This is close to the lime edition that Dye has but I like the green being this much more intense.

Found this on speedball world, its a custom anno job and it looks great.

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