Sunday, June 29, 2008


Woah damn- they played the finals on Sat and Make Carthy and his Tampa Bay Damage boyz beat Aftermath 5-3 in the rain delayed final. LaSoya's boys brought their game from JAX to Chi town and make it all the way to the fianls- amazing. Ironmen and Dynasty went all the way to the semis too- sadly we missed a chance at another Dynasty Ironmen epic. My 2 picks of Infamous and X-Factor finished a respectable 5th-6th.

Those who voted in my poll for Legion would have been disappointed at their 9th place finish. I guess losing all their star players is really making a dent in their aspirations. To add insult to the injury the Americans and their ex Legionaire Kosta Federov finished ahead of them.

The no1 ranked team going into Chicago finished 9th and the 9th ranked team finished first. Cant get any ironic than that in Paintball.

Event Standings:
01st - Damage
02nd - Aftermath
03rd - Ironmen
04th - Dynasty
05th - X-Factor
06th - Infamous
07th - Americans
08th - Impact
09th - Legion
10th - Avalanche
11th - N. Dogs
12th - Aftershock

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cowboy Sports Writer

This is in regards to the Article on Paintball by Soh Kai Wee in the Straits Times on last Monday the 23rd.

Soh Kai Wee paints a rather childish image of the game. Many articles written by non players like him - just pump the cliches of references to war, the army and playing soldier boys etc. Kai Wee's reference to cowboys and Indians was new and rather naive.

Now - I have had my fair share of the press writing to me about articles on paintball. And sadly most dont get what speedball is all about- they just jump on the 'playing soldier boys and fight in the war'angle. Most of the articles totally miss the point of speedball as a sport.

I have rewritten an article on paintball for Crossroads or xcross roads magazine because the girl ripped off the TAG website and used it for her opening. She went off the deep end with references to the army, ambush and "the crack of paintballs flying overhead". All her facts were skewered towards the soldier boys / war angle.

Back to the ST article- So Kai Wee also mentions 2 other paintball venues in Singapore which one can play as a sport. Obviously he didn't do any research because if he did so - he would find out that speedball is not played at TAG Orchid nor at Crossfire. There are no teams and competition at these two places neither do they have air bunkers.

In the side bar he mentions that paintball is "an adversarial game, like a modern-day version of cowboys and Indians" - this is the first time ever I come across someone associating it with Cowboys and Indians. I haven't seen speedball played on horseback nor have it ever seen any wigwams on the field.

And his lack of research again shows up in the last point "The duration of a game depends on the number of players and can last from five minutes to over an hour."
If he was talking about speedball- an hour is a bit rich.

"Players are eliminated if they, or any part of their equipment, are hit by paintballs." - hit and have paint on them. I'm sure somebody told him that you're only out if you get paint on you. Otherwise a hit with no ball break is just a 'bounce' - anyone and every baller knows that.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that he know "nuts" about speedball- but he could have done a bit more research and not write the piece like a school essay and make speedball look like a kids game of cowboys and indians.

In true Singapore (only good things happen here- no bad things) press form- he threw in a (positive) quote of the President of the Paintball Association and some Director from the Sports Council.

I think its ironic that his approach to the article is 'cowboy and indian'.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team Ranking going to this weekend.

PSP events start on a Wed for the lower Division teams. So making it to "Sunday" is a big deal in the states.

The Russians are on top with a strong finish at MAO and Infamous drops only one place despite a not so great showing at MAO. Their win at PHX keeps them well up in the ranking. not far behind are MAO finalists the Ironmen. I think these top 3 teams will be trying to solidifying their top 3 places at Chi Town.

The Russians are Xball specialists so its not surprise they're ranked no1 going to Chi town. Infamous were a surprise at Phx despite playing without a coach and missing a couple of key players. I think they will do well if they settle down and concentrate and make and keep the points.

The Ironmen found their feet at MAO and won nearly all their prelim games leading up to Sunday. Ollie is a Xball convert and I think with his leadership and experience he can lead this very talented team to the finals again.

X-Factor showed a lot of promise last year bursting into the scene and winning their first tournament. A mixture of youth and experience and good backing makes this team nearly the perfect start up. I like the X-factor and its my dark horse again to win it.

Dynasty got dumped out pretty early at MAO- they packed up before sunday. Maybe XBall isnt their bag yet but they're here at Chi town and with their history talent and pedigree- they'd be a force to reckon with.

The Americans had a roller coaster trip out at MAO- they couldnt settle down and couldnt string the wins to get to the finals.

The Naughty Dogs have not won anything since the Smart Parts World Cup- either they're not as hungry or their time has passed. They have to at least make it to Sunday on this trip out.

Edmonton was one of my picks to do well. Josh and the Oiler boys have a lot pinning on them and I think they're like the Xfactor guys. The team is young but very talented but you'll need an expereinced coach and captain to play x ball well.

MY PSP Poll will just have the top 8 teams and I wont be putting in a sympathy vote for teams like XSV who are not in the top 8 mode for this year.

1 Boston Red Legion
2 Oakland Infamous
3 Los Angeles Ironmen
4 X-Factor
6 Philly Americans
7 Seattle Naughty Dogs
8 Edmonton Impact
9 Tampa Bay Damage
10 San Diego Aftermath
11 Chicago Aftershock
12 St. Louis Avalanche

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Singapore National Paintball Team - The Red Sevens

This morning big ben called to tell me that I am in Singapore's National Paintball team- this was quoted in todays Straits Times sports section. I found myself as the "Captain of the Singapore National team" much to my bemusement.

I didn't think much of it before about being the first and only tournament team - we just carried on ourselves. The Red Sevens have many firsts in the history of paintball in Singapore - the first team that played in the MPOC and in the World Cup Asia - and we're still the onlyteam that represents Singapore. The country doesn't really recognise us as a 'national team' nor paintball as an 'official sport' so its not that a big deal to me. I think we'd still carry on ourselves without much support from anyone.

With the newspaper article however- came with some interest- some people in my office wanted to play paintball. They searched for Paintball in Singapore and found my blog and my postings. So suddenly paintball is getting hits online in Singapore.

So I thought take this opportunity to say that the Red Sevens are looking for new players. We have created a new junior team called the Red Fraction and anyone guys and girls above the age of 14 can come along and train and play in the team. All we ask for is commitment to come out to play and train.

The Red Sevens is the only team from Singapore that plays in the Malaysian MPOC League in Division 3 and we play in the M5 format. This is the best oppostunity for kids who are keen to be pro-standard paintball players to get the chance to experience what a pro paintballer goes thru- practice- preparation travelling and playing tournaments overseas.

While most of the team members are not actually 100% professional players - the Red Sevens is organised and run with a professional state of mind.

So if you're keen to come and play with is drop me an email. My email is

Clash of the Titans

This is a tournament I heard of at the last min from Evil Chef going down this weekend up in JB. I'm going to go up and have a look on Sunday.

D3 teams that are supposed to rock up include:-
S2K - confirmed
OSB - confirmed
JOKER - verbally confirmed
GG ELEMENTS - confirmed
Dark Angels (TBC)
Nightmare (TBC)
Mirmydons (TBC)
Iron Sea - verbally Confirmed
D' Mercy Kidz - verbally Confirmed
Lunacy Legion (TBC)
Warriors - verbally confirmed *two teams

Billy Wings DM8 Part 2

This also from Jon and much sweeter.

Whats better than a Billy Wing Edition DM8?

A RED Billy Wing DM8.

If I HAD to shoot a DM8- this will be the only one I'd shoot.

Nicky Cuba Nu Skool DM8 Part 2

Jon showed me this last Friday- they're quite nice- although I couldnt do without the pinstripes... a bit too Dynasty for me.
For sale with Hater board on board USD$1600

Ego Poll

We got almost 60 voters so far. Infamous way out in the lead with 45% of the votes and the Hurricanes can't pull them back.

6 more days to go...

Friday, June 20, 2008


All top 8 teams all get money in the Sultan of Kedah Cup.

D3 first place is a whopping $6k

Top 8 teams all get money

Open Div - Div 1 & 2 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM8000 , 2nd-RM5000 , 3rd-RM3500 , 4th-RM2500 , 5th-RM1500 , 6th-RM1000, 7th-RM800, 8th-RM700

Amateur & Novice Div - Div 3 & 4 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM6000 , 2nd-RM4000 , 3rd-RM2000 , 4th-RM1000 , 5th-RM900 , 6th-RM700 , 7th-RM500 , 8th-RM400

Closed Division-Kedah Teams Only

1st-RM2000 , 2nd-RM1500 , 3rd-RM1000 , 4th-RM400 , 5th-RM350 , 6th-RM300 , 7th-RM250 , 8th-RM200 , 9th-RM150 , 10th-RM100

SPNS Field Plan

Every noob paintballer with a blog is putting up the field plan but with no text. I'm not surprised- because noobs wouldn't know how to read a field plan.

If I can put a word to the field layout- I'd call it sneaky.

There are no corners and the centre bunkers are in a diamond shape. Which forces the 3 players run forward if they want to get the cross angles immediately.

This also opens the field to those who know how to shoot lanes on the break. Good laners can shoot 2 out on the break. There are huge lanes down the centre

I love the car wash on the far side- and the car wash has no corner to cover it. Anyone will speed can run all the way to the Carwash 50 and make kills in the 55.

The hammer will be a goner if someone has the balls to run thru the car wash. But the hammers have good 45s on the cross.

Most of the movement will be on the can side- its much easier to play.
Just watch out for a dirty player who will run thru and shoot you in the head - which I know Junaidi will then throw him out of the tournament.

The full house- noob style will be the 20 brick, back dorito, 20 can and 30 can will be occupied on every noob break. That's why I call it a full house. If you are creative enough you'd counter the full house and break for the 40 and 50s and the car wash and get angles on them straight away.

I also predict that it'll be a full house gun fight- it'll be a mirror battle and whoever dominates in snap shooting will win.


With 'Datuk' Junaidi and the Malaysian Marshalls around - mrshalling will be stricter and closer. Noobs will be caught if they cheat and wipe. Marshalling will not only be more strict but SMARTER. They will know all the tricks in the book- more than the noob players. So it'll be interesting what the one for one count ends up.


Do you want my L size urban camo JT Pants?
You can have it if you can wear L size.
I don't want it anymore - I don't want to look like that ******g guy.

Its the first pair of Urban Camo JT pants in Singapore and Malaysia- bought them Feb 2007- still great condition.

Since you don't have any pants and this will match your Syndicate Jersey - you can have it.

You can have all my white EPS JT googles too if you need a pair of JT googles.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

$45,000 Prize Money Tournament! - The Sultan of Kedah Cup!

The Malaysians are really astute at organising tournaments after the announcement of the Asian Invitational comes the Sultan of Kedah Cup is a new tournament organised in conjunction to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Sultan of Kedah way up North promises a total prize money of RM45,000.

This will sure to lure plenty of interest in teams from both leagues in Malaysia and possible teams from overseas. What I find attractive is the "all-in-one" cost for team registration which includes 3 nights of hotel and breakfast(and entry to the Waterpark) at $320 (open)- $220 (amateur/novice). That is really 'affordable' for a paintball trip - plus paint is at $180 per box.

And the man himself- the Sultan of Kedah will probably be giving the prizes away- which adds to the prestige of the tournament.

Be interesting to see who rocks up.

I for one is tempted to play this over NPL Melaka

Well done PALS people :)

Date: 19th and 20th of July
Venue: The Carnivall ,the only Waterpark in Northern Malaysia.(
Sungai Petani,Kedah
Official Hotel:The Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort(
Main Organiser:The State of Kedah
Co Organisers:PALS Events & Kedah Paintball Association

Formats - 3 Divisions
Open Division
-All Div 1 and Div 2 teams
-PSP,Millennium,Semiauto modes of fire allowed
-Capped at 15 bps

Amateur/Novice Division
-All Div 3 and Div 4 teams
-Semiauto mode only
-Capped at 15bps.

*Open to all local and international teams

Closed Division
Before the rest of you Singaporeans get too excited - house markers is only available for the Closed Division in which teams have to field at least 4 local Kedah players.

Top 8 teams all get money

Open Div - Div 1 & 2 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM8000 , 2nd-RM5000 , 3rd-RM3500 , 4th-RM2500 , 5th-RM1500 , 6th-RM1000, 7th-RM800, 8th-RM700

Amateur & Novice Div - Div 3 & 4 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM6000 , 2nd-RM4000 , 3rd-RM2000 , 4th-RM1000 , 5th-RM900 , 6th-RM700 , 7th-RM500 , 8th-RM400

Closed Division-Kedah Teams Only

1st-RM2000 , 2nd-RM1500 , 3rd-RM1000 , 4th-RM400 , 5th-RM350 , 6th-RM300 , 7th-RM250 , 8th-RM200 , 9th-RM150 , 10th-RM100


This is great poll action here-

We've got 46 votes so far. On Monday night the Hurricanes Ego actually pulled right up to within 1 vote behind the Infamous Ego.

But in the last 48 hours the Infamous Ego just sped away and double their lead.

Its almost like the Lakers coming back to pinch 2 games and keep their hopes alive but in the end the Celtics just slammed the door.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

07 PL Ego Poll

Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Infamous gun was the early favourite of many including me. Most of my good baller friends all voted for the yellow gun too.

But the Hurricane's Ego is staging a big comeback and is only like 3 votes behind the Infamous gun.

Keep 'em coming if you're a first time visitor- vote for your fav gun.
There is 2 more weeks left to vote. (Click on the picture above to get a better look at the details)

Here are some stats on my blog
This week alone I have had a total of 1189 page loads on my blog
787 unique visitors
606 first time visitors
181 returning visitors

Most of the traffic path comes direct to which means most of the returning visitors bookmark this blog.

80% of search traffic comes from Google
11% from Yahoo


Red Sevens will join the REDZ family of team XSV, New England Hurricanes and DC Arsenal. I'm going to KL this weekend to meet up with Andrew of Werdnahol Sports and grab a couple of the REDZ Special Team Edition Gear.

Only 3 of each spec of each team edition packs is available in the whole of Malaysia and Werdnahol teams get first dibs on them. The new REDZ packs are so hard to get - even the pros are currently not selling their own packs. I wouldn't mind getting a N.E England or XSV REDZ pack.

However - since we're are already sponsored by NXe- we will not be using the Redz packs - we will use the jerseys until our customised set arrives. The Red Sevens' junior team - Red Fraction will also have REDZ jerseys available to them.

I am already a REDZ user with the feedneck clamp on my Cyborg and the RedZ Straight thru squeegie in my gear bag.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fuck apologies

I got shot in the face today.

I have played in 12 tournaments and been bunkered many times - I play back so I'm usually the last guy as the other side cleans up- so I have been thru my fair share of getting whacked as the last guy. I have been shot in the head a few times too.

I have however, never ever been shot in the head under my mask.

At first I thought it was part of the game. But after I had a good think about it - and I know the game inside and out. I brought my case to Ben - and he found it hard to admit that it this was not a case of playing with intent to injure.

This is my case-

The Scene
I was standing in my bunker and shooting out the right side. I didn't know that my team was all dead. So the guy runs thru on the left and shoots me in the head.

1. I am STANDING UP in my bunker- not crouching down in a small bunker where if he sprayed a few - some shots might hit me in the head. My back was facing him.

2. I am facing the other side the whole time- my marker was out on the right side- there was no chance for me to come around to shoot him. He wasn't in any duress to shoot me.

3. Which leads to 3- he had all the time in the world to shoot me- my back was to him and my whole body was fully extended in a STANDING POSITION.
- He could have shot me in the back
- Should have shot me in the pack.
- But he aimed high at my head.

4. There was only ONE shot. Its not like there was a spray coming around the bunker- but there was only single ONE shot. He had a good look - had all the time in the world to make that one shot - he knew he only needed one shot.

NOW tell me that's not playing with malicious indention to cause injury.

It is an unspoken rule in paintball- that if you have to bunker a guy- you aim low for his pack
First reason is you want a hard area where the paint will definitely break.
Second reason is if you aim low there is a better chance of hitting something rather than a chance of the guy squatting and you shoot high and hit nothing and the guy gets you instead.
Third reason is just purely etiquette-you wouldn't like it if someone shot you in the head.

SO I have this bloody lump on the side of my face- of which I have to live with for the next 2 weeks. I usually don't talk about paintball to poeple who dont know what I do on weekends. I never talk about the games and my wounds etc- this one will be plainly obvious. I wont be able to hide this one.

I will have to answer the same questions many times and people will be telling me what a dangerous game it is. Older folks and parents will be telling me what a stupid game it is.

So every time I am reminded if this shot on my face - I will curse his name. I will count how many times I curse his name every day and post it on this blog.

TO add salt to the wound - I had to cancel a date with a girl I have been trying to ask out for the longest time. This wound is not one for making a good first impression. I don't get to go out on dates and having to cancel it...

What pisses me off is people saying sorry after a game. Hey I'm the one who got shot in the face - I have to walk around with this.

EDIT> Fuck apologies.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

PSP Chicago Open

Its about 2 weeks till the Chi Town Open and the field plan is already up- AND it's only one and it'll be the same for all divisions and all fields. GREAT STUFF

Two words-> No snake?

PSP Chicago Open
June 25th-29th
Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL

Virtue Crown in Malaysia

Its on sale now up north
Standard- $110
Ultra Soft-$130

Pretty exp if you ask me- a feed that costs more than a set of spare shells.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paintball Markers in Singapore

My two cents on private ownership of markers in Singapore

As much as I emphatise with everyone's dreams of wanting to own their own marker in Singapore – I don't foresee it happening anytime soon. There are just too many factors that prevents private ownership from happening.

It is due to world politics and security- with terrorist threats and a suspected terrorist walking out of prison etc. That act of one guy walking out just makes things all that much harder for markers to be accepted as a 'sport equipment'.

We all know that markers are considered as fire arms- ok that’s a given.

What most paintballs don't know is that the authorities won't know the difference between a speedball marker and a recball marker. It is hard to differentiate between the two types of markers and only paintballers who are familiar with markers can tell the difference. The ordinary cop of the street or the customs officer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Milsim markers are designed to be 'realistic' this thus poses a huge problem for all paintballers. To avoid any misinterpretations- all markers – speedball or recball are lumped into the firearm category.

The crux of the matter is that recball milsim scene is preventing the allowance of private ownership of markers. It is simply too much to expect the authorities to bother to work out the differences between a speedball and a recball marker. And the milsim recball scene is totally underground which makes things all that much harder to legitimize that area of paintball. I wouldn’t call scenario a “sport” because its not.

Because of the kiasu mantra in civil service - no one in authority wants to take the chance and open up policy to categorise markers as a "sport equipment". No one wants to be responsible for some markers that might turn out to be real guns - much less a marker that ends up being used for 'other' purposes.

So I guess you are stuck with this situation for the time being.

The ironic thing is that it is much easier to get a firearm license and own a handgun in Singapore than in Malaysia.

It’s a case of “Malaysia Boleh” and “Singapore Tak Boleh”
(until Singapore sees that Malaysia is making a lot of money out of it- like Formula 1)

What to get.....?

I’ll have to make a trip to KL in a couple of weeks to claim our 3rd prize from the Port Dickson Challenge from Werdnahol. It’s RM1000 worth of PB goods which I have to spend it all there and then.

We’ve been trying to figure out what to get that we can use as a team. So things like pods, swabs and socks all come to mind. But these things are small and would take a lot to amount to 1k. And Andrew’s shop is not exactly super stocked.

One idea is to get a set of spare team jerseys which is not bad- hopefully Andrew has a set of 5-6 units of the same jersey. My other alternative thought was to get a spare team loader like a Vlocity Jr which would be around RM600 - that would be the most handy thing to have on hand at tournaments.

I have moved

I have moved to a new place in Queenstown. Its a 5 room flat (4 bed rooms) 1 room has landlord’s stuff but I can store my stuff in there. The place is right behind the old police station next to the MRT and Ikea and queensway is just down the road.

I have big dilemma cos the place doesn’t have much cabinets and etc. Even the bathroom doesn’t have a cabinet for tolietries.

I haven't really unpacked thus my mac is not yet set up mac in my room thus I haven’t had the chance to post in my blog.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Noobs and Kiasu Players

Playing with inexperienced noobs its not my fav thing- it tests my patience. You try to teach them a thing or two but when someone is firing on them- they forget everything. There is no use apologising to me after the game after you screw up. Because I'm the one who got whacked because of your stupidity. All you have to do is to remember to do what you're told and stick to the game plan.

I got bunkered and got my back shot up because I played with a noob that didn't know how to cross up when we were down to two. It was fucking annoying because I had already called the play to be crossing up before the start and when our front guy got shot our (please work on your snap shooting) I called my opposite corner to play cross and the shit got greedy and played his tape.

And I KNEW that my guy was coming to bunker me- my marker was chopping and I knew I was a sitting duck. And my "team mate" I guess for the lack of experience chose to satisfy his need to gun fight with his mirror.

I'll have to carefully pick who I play with next time.

I don't know what the big deal is about playing against me or anyone from the Red Sevens- I fucking hate it when everyone starts saying "we're going to die- we're going to get killed etc- they're serious..etc" Cut that crap out la. Its fucking bull shit to talk like that because you're making your excuses before the game starts. You're covering your ass way before even entering the field. If you win you're the hero because you beat the Red Sevens and if you lose its because you are not the Red Sevens. Thats cheap low balling and disrespectful to people who play against you.

I wish you newbies would just shut up and play and not talk so much rubbish off the field.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seburo PL Ego

If there was ever an Seburo PL Ego- this would be pretty close to what I have in mind.
Wouldn't mind the Sly barrel too.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vicious Egos

Team Vicious is no doubt the cult team at the moment. Every one wants a Vicious tshirt (Aftermath owner Mike Hinman was wearing one when Aftermath played in the finals at JAX) and everyone wants a Vicious Jersey (you can only buy a black one- red is for team wear only). The Vicious PL Ego are very much sought after. Check out the sick anno work on this 08 Ego seen at HB.

This is an 08 spec in an unusual colour- colbalt.

This was last years 07 Team Ego-It is really damn sweet. If I had found it earlier - I would have included it for voting in my 07 PL Ego Poll. If anyone wants to vote for it - please vote in the comments for this post.

Nicky Cuba Nu Skool DM8

Nicky Cuba was selling his Nu Skool DM8 that he used 3 weeks ago at Millenium Series London/Commander's Cup.

I love the colour scheme- its very Red Sevens.

Looks like he used a 18 inch UL.

Sorry Pics are small- that's what he posted.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crewing for the Red Sevens

The Red Sevens have been recently invited to play in the Asian Invitational Tournament on the 2nd August weekend at Sebana Cove in conjunction with the Malaysian Flora Festival. A total of 10 Asian teams will be invited along with 5 US Based NPPL teams.

We have had a lot of offers to crew for us for the last leg of the MPOC series in JB in Oct and we will get offers to crew for the Asian Invitational. As much as we'd like to have crew around - I'd like to say that we cannot just take any one along as a crew member.

First of all a crew member is a crucial member of the team. He/she has to know what the game and how a tournament weekend works - what a player goes through over a tournament weekend to understand their needs.

So if you haven't been around emarkers- that is a big disadvantage. You will have to know how to handle emarkers- turning them on and off. Emarkers are more sensitive than mechanical markers and if you accidently fire a shot with the barrel sock on. You will have to clean the sock and the barrel. You'll have to know how to handle eloaders load, clean them and change batteries. And also the most important thing which is to take markers and tanks to air stations and knowing how to fill them.

If you're an experienced player who knows how to handle markers- you'd be able to chrono all the markers for the team and set up spare markers and get them chornoed and ready incase it's needed.

You have to know things like what goes on during chrono stage before the games. As a crew you have to bring paint to top up hoppers after choroning, towels and allen keys for the players to re adjust their markers in case they're hot. Clean towels to wipe sweat and dirty towels to clean off old paint marks.

After games comes the clean up of markers, hoppers and pods and refilling pods and tanks. You'd have to know how to take care of paint- how to clean paint that has some oil on it - how to clean the insides of hoppers and pods when there is a ball break.

There is a specific way of filling pods to prevent balls from breaking when you run and dive. You have to know which team member carries how many pods - what type of pods they like to use and how they like their harnesses set up and how the tabs of the pods are positioned in their harnesses.

To be a really good crew you'd have to know the game in depth - have a game mind and watch the team's and opponent's games and help in pre and post game analysis.

So crewing its not just a matter of rocking up and putting on a smile and helping to carry stuff. To be a really useful crew to the team - you'd really have to have some experience in being a real tournament player.

As much as I'd like to take more crew members - I would have to carefully consider who to take along and who will benefit the team as our crew.


Here is a camp that is really good for east coasters - you can expect to see my fav players on Jersey Authority like Mike Carthy, Alex Lundqvist, Bart and Matt Blonski and even Greg Hastings! 22-25 July

You will also get to meet members of the New England Hurricanes.
AND TODD MARTINEZ will be there for all 4 days.

The cost of the camp is $500. Here is what you get:-
4 days of intense training, 10am-4pm daily,
all the paint you can shoot,
lunch each day.

You will be trained on personal skills such as snap shooting, running and shooting, sliding and diving coupled with team skills like communications and reading the field. You will also be trained on other aspects that will affect your on field play such as exercise and nutrition, field walking, team dynamics and marker maintenance.

Private Label NXe Packs

These are really cool. Private Label packs for Delta Paintball Team.
I'm on a Yellow Infamous trip right now and looking for all things yellow.

Tournament MVP - Toddo Ben from Team Demonz Red

Me, Ben and Daniel from Specter

My MVP for the tournament would be Toddo Ben from Team Demonz Red. I really like watching him and the Demonz guys play. For pure entertainment value- Ben has got the game that is exciting and entertaining to watch. He plays the snake very well and make the big plays. You can't miss that signature pink sandana in the snake.

AND I love the new red JT pro pants too.

Bottom 2 pics are from Desmond -

Back From Penang

I told Dennis that MPOC3 Penang would be THE tournament of the MPOC legs to attend. It's the "Monaco" round of the MPOC. The stadium venue and playing conditions is one of the best I've played in. The hospitality and being in the stadium with the scoreboard plus having good weather and good food around Penang.

The guys from Specter took good care of us- picked us up from the airport and took us out to eat. And I had a great time crew-ing for them in their Xball-lite games. It was the fastest and most intense 10 minutes of my life.

For the Red Sevens- we didn't do as well as we hoped. But with a roster of 5 and one guest player in Lydia Mari we did just enough to make it into the second round. We did keep our little track record of managing to get through to every 2nd round in all our MPOC participation.

We had a lot of bad luck with markers, loaders and anything you could possibly think of- went wrong. I'm glad that I didn't have much problems with my gear- even the batts of my hopper held out 13 games and lasted 2 tournaments.

We really missed the regular guys in the team and having a crew. We had to drag ourselves up the stadium seats and clean up and reload our pods after every game. Heat was a problem in the morning in the stands where there wasn't any shade from the sun until noon. Anyway lesson leart- that we need to have a roster of 6-7 and at least one person to crew.

Penang was my first fly away tournament- last year I drove up and down the Peninsula. Having to pack and pay excess baggage was new. But at least I got to experience the traveling and flying to play a tournament. We may get a chance to do it in the near future as there are a couple of international tournaments which we have been invited to play in.

On Monday Dennis and Gary took us out with the Goober Guys (from Indonesia) for fish head curry at "Curry House" which is like a 3 story building restaurant. After that we went for a bit of "shopping" at KCHL- I finally got my hand on a JT Ninja Googles - at a good price too and a limited edition BlackStar Strap (#75/100) which is really cool as it has 4 colour print on the strap- which was made by KM Straps.