Monday, June 9, 2008

Noobs and Kiasu Players

Playing with inexperienced noobs its not my fav thing- it tests my patience. You try to teach them a thing or two but when someone is firing on them- they forget everything. There is no use apologising to me after the game after you screw up. Because I'm the one who got whacked because of your stupidity. All you have to do is to remember to do what you're told and stick to the game plan.

I got bunkered and got my back shot up because I played with a noob that didn't know how to cross up when we were down to two. It was fucking annoying because I had already called the play to be crossing up before the start and when our front guy got shot our (please work on your snap shooting) I called my opposite corner to play cross and the shit got greedy and played his tape.

And I KNEW that my guy was coming to bunker me- my marker was chopping and I knew I was a sitting duck. And my "team mate" I guess for the lack of experience chose to satisfy his need to gun fight with his mirror.

I'll have to carefully pick who I play with next time.

I don't know what the big deal is about playing against me or anyone from the Red Sevens- I fucking hate it when everyone starts saying "we're going to die- we're going to get killed etc- they're serious..etc" Cut that crap out la. Its fucking bull shit to talk like that because you're making your excuses before the game starts. You're covering your ass way before even entering the field. If you win you're the hero because you beat the Red Sevens and if you lose its because you are not the Red Sevens. Thats cheap low balling and disrespectful to people who play against you.

I wish you newbies would just shut up and play and not talk so much rubbish off the field.


noir said...

Word!!! *does the chest thumping sign*

SEBURO said...

Not only talk rubbish at the field- they also post rubbish online in that forum.

Junior said...

Bwahahahahahahah.... hillarious reading Seb's bitching

ian said...

Hi Arthur, Ian here from Hot Fuzz. First visit to your blog and quite an insightful post. Thanks for the games on Saturday. Very much agree with you on the point you made on "reverse" smack talk, it is disrespectful to any team on the receiving end of it. If anyone from my team did so, I apologise on their behalf.

Personally, I always enjoy and look forward to playing against anyone from the Red Sevens because win or lose, there is always something to learn. Hope I'll have the opportunity to play on your side for once. Cheers and see you on the field.

Darlie said...

rather..ermm straight forward, but hey thats why we love Arthur eh? haha totally agree with ya mate ;)

Stallion said...

hey there guys...:)nice blog Arthur

SEBURO said...

Thanks - sorry there has been a delay in my posting this week - I just moved house and haven't unpacked and set up my mac in my room.

Chak said...

'we are going to die' happens to be my team motto. whatever we say on/off the field has nothing to do with respect etc. it's just a frame of mind that we have, regardless who we play with. just like my obsession with covering my body with all sorts of padding during a match.