Thursday, June 19, 2008

$45,000 Prize Money Tournament! - The Sultan of Kedah Cup!

The Malaysians are really astute at organising tournaments after the announcement of the Asian Invitational comes the Sultan of Kedah Cup is a new tournament organised in conjunction to the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Sultan of Kedah way up North promises a total prize money of RM45,000.

This will sure to lure plenty of interest in teams from both leagues in Malaysia and possible teams from overseas. What I find attractive is the "all-in-one" cost for team registration which includes 3 nights of hotel and breakfast(and entry to the Waterpark) at $320 (open)- $220 (amateur/novice). That is really 'affordable' for a paintball trip - plus paint is at $180 per box.

And the man himself- the Sultan of Kedah will probably be giving the prizes away- which adds to the prestige of the tournament.

Be interesting to see who rocks up.

I for one is tempted to play this over NPL Melaka

Well done PALS people :)

Date: 19th and 20th of July
Venue: The Carnivall ,the only Waterpark in Northern Malaysia.(
Sungai Petani,Kedah
Official Hotel:The Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort(
Main Organiser:The State of Kedah
Co Organisers:PALS Events & Kedah Paintball Association

Formats - 3 Divisions
Open Division
-All Div 1 and Div 2 teams
-PSP,Millennium,Semiauto modes of fire allowed
-Capped at 15 bps

Amateur/Novice Division
-All Div 3 and Div 4 teams
-Semiauto mode only
-Capped at 15bps.

*Open to all local and international teams

Closed Division
Before the rest of you Singaporeans get too excited - house markers is only available for the Closed Division in which teams have to field at least 4 local Kedah players.

Top 8 teams all get money

Open Div - Div 1 & 2 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM8000 , 2nd-RM5000 , 3rd-RM3500 , 4th-RM2500 , 5th-RM1500 , 6th-RM1000, 7th-RM800, 8th-RM700

Amateur & Novice Div - Div 3 & 4 Teams in MPOC & NPL

1st-RM6000 , 2nd-RM4000 , 3rd-RM2000 , 4th-RM1000 , 5th-RM900 , 6th-RM700 , 7th-RM500 , 8th-RM400

Closed Division-Kedah Teams Only

1st-RM2000 , 2nd-RM1500 , 3rd-RM1000 , 4th-RM400 , 5th-RM350 , 6th-RM300 , 7th-RM250 , 8th-RM200 , 9th-RM150 , 10th-RM100

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Anonymous said...

Wah lau!- damn! that sounds like a really good tournament. Pity can't play in their house marker division :( - PBALLER