Friday, June 20, 2008

SPNS Field Plan

Every noob paintballer with a blog is putting up the field plan but with no text. I'm not surprised- because noobs wouldn't know how to read a field plan.

If I can put a word to the field layout- I'd call it sneaky.

There are no corners and the centre bunkers are in a diamond shape. Which forces the 3 players run forward if they want to get the cross angles immediately.

This also opens the field to those who know how to shoot lanes on the break. Good laners can shoot 2 out on the break. There are huge lanes down the centre

I love the car wash on the far side- and the car wash has no corner to cover it. Anyone will speed can run all the way to the Carwash 50 and make kills in the 55.

The hammer will be a goner if someone has the balls to run thru the car wash. But the hammers have good 45s on the cross.

Most of the movement will be on the can side- its much easier to play.
Just watch out for a dirty player who will run thru and shoot you in the head - which I know Junaidi will then throw him out of the tournament.

The full house- noob style will be the 20 brick, back dorito, 20 can and 30 can will be occupied on every noob break. That's why I call it a full house. If you are creative enough you'd counter the full house and break for the 40 and 50s and the car wash and get angles on them straight away.

I also predict that it'll be a full house gun fight- it'll be a mirror battle and whoever dominates in snap shooting will win.


With 'Datuk' Junaidi and the Malaysian Marshalls around - mrshalling will be stricter and closer. Noobs will be caught if they cheat and wipe. Marshalling will not only be more strict but SMARTER. They will know all the tricks in the book- more than the noob players. So it'll be interesting what the one for one count ends up.


Junior said...

Woah, SPNS 2 marshalled by MMs?

noir said...

thats what they say... but we know 'Datuk' Junaidi'll be gracing the scene..

CALGAR said...

junaidi never came... 2 other MMs instead...

one for one calls - 3 (2 by calgar and 1 by azlan PP)

1) call for paintcheck for a hit in the middle of his lens....

2) play on with hopper hit

3) hang flag with shot on his neck