Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team Ranking going to this weekend.

PSP events start on a Wed for the lower Division teams. So making it to "Sunday" is a big deal in the states.

The Russians are on top with a strong finish at MAO and Infamous drops only one place despite a not so great showing at MAO. Their win at PHX keeps them well up in the ranking. not far behind are MAO finalists the Ironmen. I think these top 3 teams will be trying to solidifying their top 3 places at Chi Town.

The Russians are Xball specialists so its not surprise they're ranked no1 going to Chi town. Infamous were a surprise at Phx despite playing without a coach and missing a couple of key players. I think they will do well if they settle down and concentrate and make and keep the points.

The Ironmen found their feet at MAO and won nearly all their prelim games leading up to Sunday. Ollie is a Xball convert and I think with his leadership and experience he can lead this very talented team to the finals again.

X-Factor showed a lot of promise last year bursting into the scene and winning their first tournament. A mixture of youth and experience and good backing makes this team nearly the perfect start up. I like the X-factor and its my dark horse again to win it.

Dynasty got dumped out pretty early at MAO- they packed up before sunday. Maybe XBall isnt their bag yet but they're here at Chi town and with their history talent and pedigree- they'd be a force to reckon with.

The Americans had a roller coaster trip out at MAO- they couldnt settle down and couldnt string the wins to get to the finals.

The Naughty Dogs have not won anything since the Smart Parts World Cup- either they're not as hungry or their time has passed. They have to at least make it to Sunday on this trip out.

Edmonton was one of my picks to do well. Josh and the Oiler boys have a lot pinning on them and I think they're like the Xfactor guys. The team is young but very talented but you'll need an expereinced coach and captain to play x ball well.

MY PSP Poll will just have the top 8 teams and I wont be putting in a sympathy vote for teams like XSV who are not in the top 8 mode for this year.

1 Boston Red Legion
2 Oakland Infamous
3 Los Angeles Ironmen
4 X-Factor
6 Philly Americans
7 Seattle Naughty Dogs
8 Edmonton Impact
9 Tampa Bay Damage
10 San Diego Aftermath
11 Chicago Aftershock
12 St. Louis Avalanche


SEBURO said...

We got 2 Russian fans here. I voted Infamous so there is one more other Infamous fan.

CALGAR said...

I voted the Legion...

noir said...


SEBURO said...

I'll bet $5 that Daniel will vote for the Dynasty boys too.

But they're not an xball team dhey

noir said...

yea but that ain't gonna stop us from supporting them! =D

Junior said...

Bwahahahaaha... but I know one thing, out of topic though.

Xtioneer-Raskal will be playing against Dynasty in the upcoming Millenium in Toulouse :-D