Thursday, June 12, 2008

What to get.....?

I’ll have to make a trip to KL in a couple of weeks to claim our 3rd prize from the Port Dickson Challenge from Werdnahol. It’s RM1000 worth of PB goods which I have to spend it all there and then.

We’ve been trying to figure out what to get that we can use as a team. So things like pods, swabs and socks all come to mind. But these things are small and would take a lot to amount to 1k. And Andrew’s shop is not exactly super stocked.

One idea is to get a set of spare team jerseys which is not bad- hopefully Andrew has a set of 5-6 units of the same jersey. My other alternative thought was to get a spare team loader like a Vlocity Jr which would be around RM600 - that would be the most handy thing to have on hand at tournaments.


Junior said...

Consider getting tanks and harnesses. Let's say if you guys plan to move to Div 2, you're gonna need spare harness and tanks so that reduce the time of podding up as well as your crew running up and down filling up tanks. 1 or 2 spare loaders are fine in case any of it breaks down halfway thru.

SEBURO said...

I'm going to get a spare tank for myself for sure. We'll be getting new harnesses soon from the sponsor so that's taken care off.

Div2? heh - thanks for the vote of confidence.

If we can break top 10 this year I'd be really happy.