Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fuck apologies

I got shot in the face today.

I have played in 12 tournaments and been bunkered many times - I play back so I'm usually the last guy as the other side cleans up- so I have been thru my fair share of getting whacked as the last guy. I have been shot in the head a few times too.

I have however, never ever been shot in the head under my mask.

At first I thought it was part of the game. But after I had a good think about it - and I know the game inside and out. I brought my case to Ben - and he found it hard to admit that it this was not a case of playing with intent to injure.

This is my case-

The Scene
I was standing in my bunker and shooting out the right side. I didn't know that my team was all dead. So the guy runs thru on the left and shoots me in the head.

1. I am STANDING UP in my bunker- not crouching down in a small bunker where if he sprayed a few - some shots might hit me in the head. My back was facing him.

2. I am facing the other side the whole time- my marker was out on the right side- there was no chance for me to come around to shoot him. He wasn't in any duress to shoot me.

3. Which leads to 3- he had all the time in the world to shoot me- my back was to him and my whole body was fully extended in a STANDING POSITION.
- He could have shot me in the back
- Should have shot me in the pack.
- But he aimed high at my head.

4. There was only ONE shot. Its not like there was a spray coming around the bunker- but there was only single ONE shot. He had a good look - had all the time in the world to make that one shot - he knew he only needed one shot.

NOW tell me that's not playing with malicious indention to cause injury.

It is an unspoken rule in paintball- that if you have to bunker a guy- you aim low for his pack
First reason is you want a hard area where the paint will definitely break.
Second reason is if you aim low there is a better chance of hitting something rather than a chance of the guy squatting and you shoot high and hit nothing and the guy gets you instead.
Third reason is just purely etiquette-you wouldn't like it if someone shot you in the head.

SO I have this bloody lump on the side of my face- of which I have to live with for the next 2 weeks. I usually don't talk about paintball to poeple who dont know what I do on weekends. I never talk about the games and my wounds etc- this one will be plainly obvious. I wont be able to hide this one.

I will have to answer the same questions many times and people will be telling me what a dangerous game it is. Older folks and parents will be telling me what a stupid game it is.

So every time I am reminded if this shot on my face - I will curse his name. I will count how many times I curse his name every day and post it on this blog.

TO add salt to the wound - I had to cancel a date with a girl I have been trying to ask out for the longest time. This wound is not one for making a good first impression. I don't get to go out on dates and having to cancel it...

What pisses me off is people saying sorry after a game. Hey I'm the one who got shot in the face - I have to walk around with this.

EDIT> Fuck apologies.


Ion said...

relax bro...its all in the game.

Junior said...

Ow! Hurts!

PP said...

Mate.. that's why we dun play with crazy newbies.. they just dont know the rules.. poor you. PP

happymole said...

WTF - it's all in 'tha game?
I don't think this happens in pro league or anywhere else man - get shot in the face and it's like a red card - suspended from the sport.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone get hit in the face deliberately.
Sad lah - so much for playing it as a sport - but to shoot someone in the face - is just low down.

CALGAR said...

Who is happy mole???

tomohito said...

sorry lah - used wrong ID to sign in.
This is tomo here - artc's friend.

Anonymous said...

PUSSY. Stop whining like a little girl.

Anonymous said...

aiyah u tok so much- just shoot him in his precious white mask lah. he will sure whine like a little girl one

Junior said...

*** "Anonymous Anonymous said...

PUSSY. Stop whining like a little girl.

June 16, 2008 11:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiyah u tok so much- just shoot him in his precious white mask lah. he will sure whine like a little girl one

June 17, 2008 1:04 AM" ***

Whether or not it was done on purpose or not, there's always two sides of a story. Seburo may feel pissed getting hit underneath the mask. Personally, as a regular participant in tournaments, I find it hard to believe how can one get hit from underneath the mask.
With all due respect to the shooter in this incident, there's an unwritten rule in this game. In this case, when bunkering your opponent, the whole idea is to paint him and knowing shooting at close range, one would instinctively try his/her best to shoot where it hurts the least. I'd normally aim the abdomen where the shot could land between the ribs or harness, or maybe even the mask which is extremely rare. It'll hurt if it lands on the ribs but at least shooting that area acknowledges one's effort to minimize the injury. After all, this game is supposed to be a team building game and not a game where you make enemies instead.
Mistakes aside, I hope this episode will be over in no time and the sport will continue to grow in Singapore. However, make no mistake that the development of the sport relies heavily on attitude. Singapore's Govt need to be convinced why paintballers should be allowed to own their personal markers. And paintballers need to tweak their attitude, to convince this sport is of goodwill and not causing harm. Otherwise, it would be pointless even if the Govt approves owning personal markers. Why? Because it’ll give a bad name to the Singaporean paintballers as an overall where it could impact participation from non-Singaporean teams, assuming if there’s a tournament organized, hopefully in the near future. Paintballers generally, don’t like playing w/ opponents who have a tendency to cause harm.

I’m writing this in response to the two anonymous writers to buck up in your attitude. I’m not taking sides in this case but your comments portray a negative picture of paintballers in Singapore. Do not spoil the hopes of other paintballers to grow and getting it recognized further.

Darlie said...

To the two Anonymous posts prior to the last Anonymous (all this anonymous shit is getting me confused) Who ever the hell you two are, lets see you get shot in the face and what you'd say after. Playing for 2 years tournaments, scrimiges, scenario games, practices, etc. etc. i have never seen a face shot, the closest was Matthew from X-Menz/Ronin Legion/Pb United, where he got shot just below the ear, close to the cheek. But never a faceshot which arthur described, you two balless pricks hiding behind an 'Anonymous' screen name are probably in-mature naive little shits, do the Singaporean PB scene a favor and sod off, all this is utter bullshit and it ruins the already rapid growing scene in Singapore, the likes of you 2 pricks are the cause of politics which poisons the community. So since your implying that Art is a pussy, that would mean that you'd be able to take one directly on the face? I would say you are a braggy SOB.

So just shut the hell up.

Joran said...

1. Did I play with you, together with SpaceMonkey?

2. Anonymous, if you want something, don't hide behind the name Anonymous.
This's the whole problem with Singaporeans; dare to open their traps; yet dare not take responsibilities.
No blogger ID? There's OpenID.

3. I gotta admit, I don't aim for safe areas; I aim for the biggest area. That usually means the chest. In the heat of the moment, it's so easy to aim at the center of your opponent.
Given the way Seburo said it, it does seem deliberate but I can't comment cos I didn't witness it.

Anonymous said...

Wah so brother brother ah. Wooo WTF. You guys may as well just go down on your knees and serve S E B U R O up.

Eh darlie, go learn how to fucking spell first before trying to argue. You're a colossal dipshit.

Bedok Baller said...

Maybe now with his MVP award- his head will be big and it'll be easy for you to shot at when you "bunker" him...heh heh