Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here is a camp that is really good for east coasters - you can expect to see my fav players on Jersey Authority like Mike Carthy, Alex Lundqvist, Bart and Matt Blonski and even Greg Hastings! 22-25 July

You will also get to meet members of the New England Hurricanes.
AND TODD MARTINEZ will be there for all 4 days.

The cost of the camp is $500. Here is what you get:-
4 days of intense training, 10am-4pm daily,
all the paint you can shoot,
lunch each day.

You will be trained on personal skills such as snap shooting, running and shooting, sliding and diving coupled with team skills like communications and reading the field. You will also be trained on other aspects that will affect your on field play such as exercise and nutrition, field walking, team dynamics and marker maintenance.

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