Friday, June 20, 2008


Do you want my L size urban camo JT Pants?
You can have it if you can wear L size.
I don't want it anymore - I don't want to look like that ******g guy.

Its the first pair of Urban Camo JT pants in Singapore and Malaysia- bought them Feb 2007- still great condition.

Since you don't have any pants and this will match your Syndicate Jersey - you can have it.

You can have all my white EPS JT googles too if you need a pair of JT googles.


noir said...

thanks for the mask.. =Þ
i shall claim it as mine! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

CALGAR said...

mine mine! my stupid JT fogged during marshalling bloody rain

noir said...

too late! its mine! i claim it first! hHhahAhAHahAHHA..
Arth's gonna smack us up when he see's us! LOL.. he offered Darlie! not us!

Darlie said...

heh :) well, thank you arthur, i really appreciate the pants considering i've sold off everyone of my pants and have nothing (been playing in 3 quarts with knee pads) Noir & Ben, you guys can fight over the mask as i believe Arthur was just sarcasticly offering it to me! hahaha

SEBURO said...

I told you not to sell your pants to that ****. Anyway I know you need a pair of pants more than anyone esp a pair of JT ones.

CALGAR said...

3/4 wtf darlie!