Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If your team is lucky enough to have jerseys made by Tanked - they will feature it on their Facebook which is something special for all Tanked sponsored teams.

The Red Sevens are the first and currently the only team in Asia to have jerseys custom designed and made by Tanked in the Platinum Series. The Platinum Series is Tanked's top-of-the-line jersey with generous paddings on the chest, shoulders and arms and the signature built-in glove at the end of the sleeve with padding. The Tanked Platinum jersey is no doubt the Mercedes Benz of paintball jerseys in terms of design and quality.

Comfort is maximised with the open collar which has a big opening to allow the jersey to be put on over caps head gear and even with the mask on your head (carefully)

We have a limited number of the RED SEVENS PALS EDITION Tanked Jerseys for sale at www.paintballersworld.com. We sold one last Saturday night right after I tweeted first pictures of the jersey.

Thanks to Philip at Tanked!

Monday, March 29, 2010


As I tweeted on Sat night - my fellow proptaintball.com contributor Nima Ranzi and I - got our names mentioned in SPLAT XD's interview of Justin Mason who is my boss at propaintball.com. The interview is on page 36 and Justin mentions our names on page 43. It great the SplatXD featured a story on people like Justin who help to spread paintball and professional paintball around the world.

Thanks Justin! :)

Justin's Interview

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE to my blog - this the first time the 2010 OAKLAND BLAST jersey is seen in public.

Thank you so much to Ken Tsuda for sending me this - (I am beginning to like getting phone calls and texts at 8am on Saturday mornings :)

The OAKLAND BLAST jersey was once again designed by the legendary Chris Crocino of Contract Killer fame with Animal Paintball custom Jerseys. Blast and Contract Killer fans will not be disappointed with this years design.

They have retained the base design from the 2009 jersey but the 2010 version has been updated with a new rose sword and skull motif in the center. On the chest there is also a new motif with the words "SETTLE THE SCORE" on a scroll held up by two birds. The pin stripe in the background has been replaced with a Blast and Medevial Lion monogram.

Oakland Blast will play in the NPPL in 2010.

New sponsors logos that appear on the jersey are:
Furious Paintball - Batteries
Ninja - Tanks and Regs
Valken - Pants Tank Cover and Packs
Courtyard Marriott - Hotel
Paintballgear.ca- Paintball Shop

Sponsors they retained:
Bob Long Technologies - Paintball Markers
Animal Paintball - Custom Jerseys
Sly- Mask, Barrels and Gear
Capital Edge Paintball Park
SCP - Santa Clara Paintball

Blast will be wearing the new SLY Profit Mask,Valken pants and packs and using Valken tank covers. Blast will also be shooting Valken paintballs and their hoppers and Bob Long markers will be powered by Furious Batteries.

Zach Long
Kenny Tsuda
Tyler Harmon
Jason Bornstein
Corey Bornstein
Riley Sullivan
Jeremiah "Prince" Labiano

Bob Long
Ken Tsuda
Terry Fong

“Oakland Blast would like to say "Thank you" to all our sponsor's. Without your help and support we would not be here.

Thank you Mondo, Fernando & The Animal Paintball Team and Chris Corcino for all the help on the new jersey.”

Friday, March 26, 2010

From the Director of the Millenium Series

“it was nice to see you again last weekend in Pattaya. Congratulations to your championship in Div2!

Cool tournament report also you wrote at this blog, excellent!

See you soon.

Best regards,
Ulrich Stähr
Millennium Series Director

Its not everyday that we get a nice email from the Director of the Millennium Series :)

TODD MARTINEZ EXCLUSIVE - 2010 Infamous Jersey

I asked Infamous' Todd Martinez to send me a picture of the 2010 Infamous Jersey and he graciously took pictures of himself wearing the jersey at his store for me and tweeted it back to me.

Thanks Todd!

[from tweetphoto] @seburo Tyler and I with the new Infamous contact jersey from empire.

Had a staring contest today with Tyler Michaud

Todd Martinez's Tweetphoto page

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SEBURO EXCLUSIVE Ironmen Clinic in Pattaya pt3

Ollie Lang is here teaching break outs. He talks about the stance to take at the start and how you look at and shoot down the field.

He gives us the "secret" which is to sight your target with your marker first and then rotate your gun to touch the starting gate without moving your head and eyes from the target.

Mikko Huttunen shows how to put up your marker up in the shortest movement which is from the front side up, rather than coming all the way around from the other side.

I got an extra tip from Mikko after the clinic - what he taught me was to shoot not one but two lanes on the break.

What Mikko does on the break out is that he will shoot 6 balls straight down at their center back first. He does this hoping to hit their guys who are standing there laning or just about to run out to the corners.

After the quick 6 balls he turns his marker to the lane he wants to shoot like the corner bunker or the entrance to the snake.

So the first 6 balls is the extra lane that he shoots to try and take a chance that it might get an easy kill at their center back.

On a personal note - I tired doing this at Pattaya and I must say that its quite hard to shoot the two lanes in one breakout movement. You have to practice it a lot and it also depends on the bunker positions.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SEBURO EXCLUSIVE Ironmen Clinic in Pattaya pt2

This a follow up to my first video post from the Ironmen clinic in Pattaya. You can observe in this video that Ollie's Snap Shooting technique which is very short and sharp especially on the right side.

He is very athletic he works up and down both sides of the dorito on his legs to his knees.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The last time we appeared on Dye's website it was when we got second in Division 3 in the MPOC last year. This appearance is sweeter as its for winning Division 2 in a PALS event in Pattaya.

Yes the DM9s and NTs markers we shot were awesomely fast and smooth all weekend. It was easy to break and put the lane up and keep it on target with the Dye markers having virtually no kick. Even our snake guy got a ton of kills shooting an Proto M7. Our back line were using the Rotor with the large capacity top shell so that gave us more paint in the breakouts to shoot the lanes longer.

Thanks to all at Dye for the great gear and the wonderful support.


SEBURO EXCLUSIVE Ironmen Clinic in Pattaya pt1

Ollie Lang is teaching snap shooting at the Ironmen Clinic at Pattaya Thailand on the 11th of March 2010 just before the Pattaya International Paintball Championship.

When you attend an Ollie Lang clinic, he's going to make you snap shoot all day and this is pretty much what he made everyone do in Pattaya. What he is trying to get through to everyone is not just the snapping technique but the psychology of dominating and beating the other guy.

Ollie was there with Mikko Huttunen and Dave Youngblood - you can hear Dave's voice in the background.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

PSP PHOENIX Results and mini report

Here are the Pro Division Results from the Prelims from PSP Phoenix

Friday Results
Russian Legion 7 vs. Omaha Vicious 4
X-Factor 7 vs. XSV 4
Ironmen 4 vs. Impact 7
Dynasty 4 vs. Infamous 7
Aftershock 7 vs. Vicious 6
Damage 7 vs. XSV 1
Dynasty 7 vs. Impact 6

Vicious had a baptism of fire playing the world Champions who kept pretty much their World Cup line up. They performed credibly by taking 4 points from the Russians
Ironmen dropped their first match of the season against Impact- signs of worse things to come.
In the big game between Infamous and Dynasty- the Short bus crew managed to string a huge 6 point come back from 1-4 to win it over Dynasty.
Vicious came so close to their first win in Pro just losing out to Aftershock 7-6 Billy Bernacchia was judged to have a hit on him after hanging the flag so the point went over to Aftershock.
XSV had a bad day getting 2 beatdowns, the last one was a 1-7 trashing by Damage which was starting to really kick in.
Dynasty managed to pull it together and squeeze one win over Impact which was hot after beating the Ironmen 7-6

Saturday Results
Impact 5 vs XSV 7
Ironmen 6 vs Infamous 7
Legion 7 vs X-Factor 2
Damage 7 vs Aftershock 5
Infamous 7 vs Vicious 5
Legion 3 vs Dynasty 7
X-Factor 6 vs Aftershock 7
Damage 7 vs Ironmen 5

XSV resorted some respect with a win over Impact they have to sit and wait for other results as 2 other teams had 1-2 record.
Ironmen lost again to in form Infamous and Damage to wrap up a woeful Phoenix campaign.

So going into Sunday night the top 6 teams that go through to Sunday are
1 Tampa Bay Damage 3-0
2 LA Infamous 3-0
3 Boston Red Legion 2-1
5 Chicago Aftershock 2-1
6 Edmonton Impact 1-2
7 X-Factor 1-2
8 Sacramento XSV 1-2
9 Los Angeles Ironmen 0-3
10 VICIOUS 0-3

Tampa Bay Damage did the job with a solid 3-0 wins over Ironmen XSV and Vicious
My dark horse pick for PHX is Infamous which have guys who a point to prove. Infamous with ex Dynasty and ex Ironmen is filled with experience and a mixture of youth. I am picking them for the final.

Dynasty had a bad start but managed to turned it around with solid performances even taking some Russian scalp along the way. Dynasty has struck a good balance between the old guard and new guys like Glenn Takemoto and Chad George contributing.

Red Legion didn't not go undefeated but they did the business- dropping their last game to a resurgent Dynasty. They definitely will be in the final four.

Aftershock seems to the the team to watch. Filled with big names coming back from time out of the game. They fought epic battles against Vicious, Damage and X-Factor. They would either be too tired having played 38 points the most in Pro Division or fired up going into Sunday.

There were 3 teams with a 1-2 record hoping to get the 6th and final spot. Impact, Xfactor and XSV and it looks like Impact has take it. Although Pbnation says that XFactor are in.

XSV did ok but just not enough. They just need that bit more to get a second win to make it to Sunday.

When I met Mikko in Kuching 2 weeks ago and finding out that he and Ollie will be in Pattaya the following weekend - I knew then that the Ironmen will lack practice going to Phoenix. Trouble was afoot and and going with 6 guys on the roster was really cutting it thin. They cut their team down to a min and they paid for it. Second last and no wins. As Scott Kempt put it "It's a gloomy day for the Ironmen"

Vicious are last with a 0-3 record but they deserve a lot of credit. They did themselves proud and took points from seasoned teams and almost scored their first win taking a very good Aftershock down to the wire only to lose 6-7. They did not lie down and got rolled over but fought back. Vicious have a lot of positives to take home and work on.

My Final 4
Tampa Bay - Infamous - Dynasty - Red Legion

Final Infamous Red Legion

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thank Yous
I want to thank everyone who was with us in Pattaya supporting us and the well wishes from back home. The guys on Contract Killers who came out and supported and helped to crew - Shark, Sham, Nick, Keith, Fuzz 1, Fuzz 2 and Mayor. Back home we thought of guys at the Red Dynasty field Kiko, Ben Jr, Kenny and even Benguin.

Dye for providing us with superb playing gear and the super fast and smooth DM9 and NT markers. Being there on hand to service our markers. The Ironmen Ollie, Mikko and Dave for coming out to give the clinic. It was great to have our friends Zyzek and Devon from Dye Asia there to share the victory.

Matthew from Furious who was with us through out the finals and coached our final game. Thank you for believing in us and for the great Furious barrrels which the Red Sevens shot through 17 games without any ball breaks.

SEED for taking a chance with us. With the help for the SEED Rtr upgrade the Red Sevens did not have a problem with our loaders all weekend. We shot through any ball jams because the SEED automatically clears it by itself.

Dennis Tan of KCHL for the Stako Tanks and Myth Regulators - thank you for the bottle of Johnnie Walker to celebrate our win at the players party.

Thank you to all the guys from XFox, Gary, Daniel, Sani and Redza who are always there to encourage and teach us. Sani, Hooi and Redz was there with the Xtioneers

The Malaysian Marshalls and the Thai Marshalls who worked in the sun all weekend. Junaidi and Ulrich who made sure everything ran smoothly.

Patrick Tan and Propaintball
Thank you to Patrick Tan and Tom and the propaintball team for such a memorable tournament. All the hard work and attention to detail to players comfort was greatly appreciated.


After having to wake up at 6am for Saturday mornings on tournament weekends, I finally managed to enjoy one of the minor the perks of being in Division 2. Which is to get up at 9am and have a leisurely breakfast on Saturday morning. We had so much time to kill last Saturday that we considered having a swim before heading out to the field.

We rode the motor bikes and scooters we rented to the field and the gear bags were chucked on the pick up truck taxis. I thought riding bikes to the field was one of the coolest thing we did at Pattaya.

We didn't get a chance to walk the field on Friday due to technical reasons. I think it was ok because that meant we avoided over analysing and over planning the games. We started after lunch with a walk-over in our first game and we went 3 up with 2 quick wins. I watched our break out in our first few games and I felt really good and our front guys broke really well and hit the 40s and 50s almost immediately. Our doritos was quick and our snake side was consistently making the 50s and taking kills.

We dropped one game on Sat to CMX which I thought was the in form team. We finished Sat with 5-1 which was a a good result considering the fact we were playing D2 teams from World Cup Asia.

On Sat night we all went out for seafood dinner at a coffee shop in town - ordered the whole menu and drank all the soft drink we could and the bill turned out to be $6 Singapore dollars.

We had 4 prelim games to play on Sunday morning, we lost 2 and won the other 2 and qualified second place which was a nice surprise. We dropped one game due to penalties and the last game I scraped though a 1 v 1 with Demonic Jr which had a couple of Infernal guys.

The second round was always our bug bear- so we didn't talk about it at all. We just geared up and played our game. We were relaxed and everything was going our way. He had luck with us all weekend and kept the penalties to a minimum and even when we got a 1 for 1 we managed to win that game. We cruised past the 2 teams in the second round and lost the last game to Alien 11 which overwhelmed us with their speed.

So we made it into the final 4 finishing second in our bracket which meant we were going to play CMX who finished top in their bracket. The final four was CMX vs Red Sevens and the two Thai teams Alien 11 and Volcano 62 duked it out on the other semi finals.

Being in the final four Division 2 teams left in the competition, late on Sunday afternoon the sun was getting low and there were less people around was an experience rare to us. Again we were relaxed and didn't think to much about who we were going to play but more on how we were going to get into our bunkers and how were were going to play our game.

In game 1 we lost our doritos and then the backs quickly - we folded too fast. We weren't too disappointed just cleaned up and got ready for the second game. After that we just somehow upped our game and went on a 4 game streak. In game 2 we got lucky when CMX scored a 1 for 1 penalty which gave us a break. And in Game 3 we swept up the doritos quickly and it ended up with a 3 on 1 to make it into the final.

We lost on Alien 11 in the prelims earlier that morning and we had a lot of respect for them because they have been around for many years. They even had the bikini girls from Club Climax come out and cheer for them!

I didn't know how well we played in the finals until I saw the game videos after we got back. We swept Alien 11 2-0 both games with 5 guys alive. After winning the first game we were on a 3 same win streak. We didn't want to play a third game and we got to business got ready and waited for our final game. Matthew Nekvapil from Furious was with us since the semi finals and talked to the team just before the final game and made a slight change in the game plan.

The final game was so fast we broke out well and shot out their corners - our doritos again went to the 50s in no time and our snake was in line with the doritos. We shifted the back line and trapped their snake in snake one. Their backs ended up shooting at empty bunkers which allowed Ivan to move up the snake to shoot out their last corner and finally bunker their snake. We won Game 2 in 1 min and 12 seconds with all 5 guys alive.

Victory was sweet and unbelievable we were hugging everyone including the guys from Contract Killers who were all there with us. Jean-Noel Péché from Facefull was right there taking pictures of our celebrations "we are going to be in Facefull!!!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dye Precision featured RED SEVENS' team photos with Dave Youngblood CEO of Dye and Barry Fuggle CEO of the Millenium Series. Dye's Facebook has 22,256 fans who now know who the RED SEVENS are.

Quote from Ollie

“So... you guys won, congratulations”

– Ollie Lang who came up to Jane and me at the players party. We were pretty chuffed that he knew who we were.

At the Ironmen Clinc the day before the tournament, Ollie took time out to tell everyone that when they travel around the world to teach clinics and that he, Mikko and Dave always feel proud when they see that their clinics have a positive effect on players games. I guess we didn't disappoint Ollie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Amazing Thailand

It was truly an 'Amazing' Paintball tournament weekend for everyone who traveled all the way to Pattaya Thailand for the PIPC. The exotic location, the people and the event organisation was great. Everyone got to experience an exotic Thailand Resort style weekend and played paintball too.

The Amari Orchid is an impressive hotel with a lovely garden and pool. Having breakfast in the garden and a dip in the pool was something we don't get to do on tournament weekends. The hotel was walking distance to the beach and the bars and clubs so it was easy to get around especially when we found motorbikes that were easily available for rent. Actually everything is easy to do in Thailand- if you wanted to go somewhere, do something or eat something, it would be easy to organise it.

We got to do so many new things we don't get to experience on a typical paintball tournament weekend. We went for massages, shot real guns, drove go-karts and rode motorbikes around town like a bunch of bad ass paintballers. The food varied from eastern exotic to western, I ate Thai style deep fried fish eggs and jelly fish to German sausages and baked sole and I will never forget our dinner of Saturday night where we just ordered the whole menu at some seafood coffee shop in town and the total bill turned out to be about $6 Singapore dollars each.

The opening dinner party and Captain's meeting at Club Climax has got to be the most glamorous and hottest Captain's meeting and opening party ever. They had girls in bikinis parading and grinding on the pool stage and that just about kept every one's attention for over 2 hours.

The tournament field at the Eastern Indoor Stadium was excellent - it was FLAT and smooth, it was like playing on a grass court for tennis with very short or little grass. Our feet were dry with no risk of sprained ankles. Dives and slides went smoothly. The only thing that got to everyone was the heat. The Iranians had the most innovative way of cooling down which was to cover their whole body from head to toe in prickly heat powder which has a cooling effect.

Despite the Eastern Indoor stadium being in an isolated place, there was enough food and drink stalls around the event to keep everyone happy. The drink stalls serve drinks with loads of crushed ice which was excellent. Cokes, Sprites and Fantas with crushed ice went down real nice in the heat .

I thought it would be a hassle to have to walk across the field to the other side to get air and enter the field but we got used to it. Having consistent 3500psi plus air all weekend was a big plus for everyone. Any minor problems with the air nozzles was quickly fixed. I thought everything ran smoothly throughout the weekend and the players could just concentrate on their game.

Paint, water, toilet and vendors were available on hand nearby and despite the sun and heat we were quite comfortable in the tents and tables provided. With the dry climate we could have our gear bags on the ground and not worry about getting them wet and we had a lot of chairs to sit and put our gear on too.

I have never been to a players party and the party at Differ was pretty cool. We had something to eat and got down to the serious business of getting our trophies. It doesn't get any better than having drinks with our trophies on the table. Dave Youngblood, the CEO of Dye pretty much summed it up in his sport speech where he praised Thailand and its people and Thai paintball. Yes congratulations to Thailand Paintball which has come along way and now have topped it with a great event in the PIPC.

On a side note I must say that despite the political protest that went on at the same time. We didn't see anything apart from people smiling and waving in cars and trucks honking around Pattaya. We went to Bangkok on Monday when the protesters gave the government an ultimatum to resign. We didn't see a single red shirt protester and everything was peaceful.

This PIPC tournament was memorable because it had that special Thai hospitality touch. The contrasts, the laid back style, the exotic, the beautiful people and the wonderful welcome made this event that much special for us all. I look forward to coming back next year.

Kop khun kap Thailand.

Next post- my 'Thank yous'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm still in the middle of writing about last weekend but here is something to tie you guys over - me lining up with Mikko Huttunen and Zyzek in the 'All-Star'game.

Me and Erno's friend from Finland

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is really interesting- the organisers did the draw for Division 1 teams for the PIPC Pattaya International Paintball Championship on video and posted it on youtube.

The intention was to spread out all the Malaysian and Thai teams with the international teams into 3 groups. I guess doing it early will save time and everyone will know which teams they will be grouped in - sort of like the football World Cup.

The person speaking is Junaidi Khalil who will be the tournament ultimate - some of you might have seen the feature on him in FACEFULL.

Thanks to Ben Toddo at Propaintball for sending me this

Friday, March 5, 2010


I spoke to a couple of Pro Players whom I (and everybody should) knows. XSV's icon THOMAS TAYLOR and 2009 USPL Champion TYLER HARMON on how to play the SSC Cup field which is based on last years World Cup field. Bear in mind that The World Cup field is of course PSP so Tyler's coaching is based on xball. Tyler took time to write me a long game plan and how to play this field.

As you can see both players value the snake bunker highly - Thomas of course would which not a big surprise.

Here are excerpts of some of the comments they sent to me:


“The most important bunker on the field is obviously the snake so devote most of your attention to that side but still have a very solid plan to play down the doritos as well......Dorito tower will chop up the doritos and snake tower will chop up the snake......Don't force the issue on any of your moves just let the games fall into place as they may and always fight to be the first in the snake or in the 50 dorito or anywhere up the field......Never give up an opening to move when it is given to you........People not moving when they have the chance is the most costly thing you can do as an x ball player...........This game is all about applying pressure to the other team untill they can't hold on any longer and crack......Have fun and make moves up the field whenever possible!”

“Snake corner is really strong. Most the time getting to the snake will be a bump not off the break! But if their guns are slow and they are bad lanners it's a great snake! Once you get it in you get to that 50 and wreck house!”

Thursday, March 4, 2010


To support Paintball in my home town of Kuching Sarawak, my team mates and I have decided at the last min to fly over to participate in the SSC Cup this weekend.


The RED SEVENS will be joining our esteemed guests from Dye who are flying over from Taiwan - Mikko Huttnen of the Los Angeles Ironmen and Dave Youngblood who is the owner of Dye Precision who are also our sponsors.

The Red Sevens will also be representing furious Paintball and offering everyone at the SSC to try out a Furious Barrel. We will have barrels to loan out to anyone who wants to try it out in 1 or 2 games during the weekend. Do come and approach out team table at the SSC Cup. We ill have the 14 inch and the special edition 16 inch furius Barrels available.

The Red Sevens will also be on hand to demo the SEED RtR Upgrade for the Rotor Loaders. Come and check it out- Ben would be happy to show you how the SEED Chip and motor will save you batteries and solve ball jams in the Rotor.


Furious Paintball has signed team Desert Edge which is one of the most recognised names in woodsball.
The press release is as follows.


Matthew, at Furious is excited to work with Desert Edge, and is genuinely interested in Paintball as a whole.” Says Dan. "Matthew is currently working with the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) in organizing a tournament series in Malaysia. Dan adds, “Matthew has strong ties with the paintball community, both in the U.S. and Malaysia. This may be our chance to reach the Paintball community on a more global level.”

Furious Paintball’s Matthew Nekvapil comments, “Furious Paintball sees an opportunity in the Scenario market. We have always wanted to get in there and work with a great scenario team, which we have found with Team Desert Edge.”

Matthew continues, “We are excited about the fact that they are enthusiastic to work with us. They have been around for some time, their results speak for themselves. At Furious, we pride ourselves on our customer service. The teams we work with is a testament to this. We feel that Desert Edge is the right fit with Furious.”

Furious Paintball specializes in custom and precision manufacturing of paintball equipment. They are most recognized by their beautifully handcrafted barrels and their ultra long lasting paintball batteries. The founder, an enthusiastic paintball player demands only the best and most reliable equipment and as a result of that, Furious Paintball came into being.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We are proud to announce that SEED PAINTBALL has signed the RED SEVENS as equipment sponsors. The RED SEVENS are the first paintball team in Asia to be signed by SEED Paintball as a sponsored team. Every player on the RED SEVENS will be equipped with SEED's RtR Upgrade Kit in his and her Dye Rotor when we play in the MPOC and PALS league.

"Seed Paintball is proud to announce signing an sponsorship agreement with team Red Sevens from Singapore. With paintball growing in popularity in Asia, it is important for Seed Paintball to identify market support and expansion into the Asia Pacific region. One of the top paintball teams in Singapore, the Red Sevens is an emerging paintball team in Asia. With the sponsorship of SEED RtR Upgrade Kit, Red Sevens will be a strong team for SEED in the Asia region as the team will be participating in the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) and travelling to countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.”

The RED SEVENS will aslo be the point team in Singapore / Malaysia for SEED representing and promoting SEED's RtR Upgrade kit. For any enquiries, technical support or a demonstration of the RtR upgrade kit - please approach the RED SEVENS or go to www.paintballersworld.com


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice Note From Ken Tsuda of Oakland Blast

I got a really nice email from Ken Tsuda of Oakland Blast last night.
Thank you and we hope to see you back in Singapore soon Ken!


Hi Arthur,
It's been quite along time I hope all is well. It looks like you have been doing a fantastic job keeping up on the paintball scene. Your work is very nice, let me know if I can help you guys with anything. I have not been to Singapore for months, hoping for a trip soon as I need to visit Malaysia. Give me a call or test anytime. Hope to see you guys soon.


Private Label Dye NTs - Team Edition Bullets Nexus NTs

Propaintball.com showed these this morning aloing with the Tontons NT which I posted previously.
Junior told me about the white Nexus NT last night and I didnt see it unitl this morning. WOW its nice. I asked "somebody" at Dye how they get achieved the white on the Nexus and on the White/Gold edition NTs' and the reply was that these NTs are not officially out yet so cant revel if its anno or paint job. We'll have to wait and see.

I love the white NT but if I was going to get one- I'd get the Bullets one.