Friday, March 5, 2010


I spoke to a couple of Pro Players whom I (and everybody should) knows. XSV's icon THOMAS TAYLOR and 2009 USPL Champion TYLER HARMON on how to play the SSC Cup field which is based on last years World Cup field. Bear in mind that The World Cup field is of course PSP so Tyler's coaching is based on xball. Tyler took time to write me a long game plan and how to play this field.

As you can see both players value the snake bunker highly - Thomas of course would which not a big surprise.

Here are excerpts of some of the comments they sent to me:


“The most important bunker on the field is obviously the snake so devote most of your attention to that side but still have a very solid plan to play down the doritos as well......Dorito tower will chop up the doritos and snake tower will chop up the snake......Don't force the issue on any of your moves just let the games fall into place as they may and always fight to be the first in the snake or in the 50 dorito or anywhere up the field......Never give up an opening to move when it is given to you........People not moving when they have the chance is the most costly thing you can do as an x ball player...........This game is all about applying pressure to the other team untill they can't hold on any longer and crack......Have fun and make moves up the field whenever possible!”

“Snake corner is really strong. Most the time getting to the snake will be a bump not off the break! But if their guns are slow and they are bad lanners it's a great snake! Once you get it in you get to that 50 and wreck house!”


abdullah said...

Wow. That's almost exactly what i thought! but almost everyone's a decent laner, so getting in the snake would take some coordination and timing to bump in.

SEBURO said...

A lot of teams played the snake and most of them got into it successfully

I surprised myself laning a couple of guys running straight into it - n semi auto.