Saturday, March 20, 2010


After having to wake up at 6am for Saturday mornings on tournament weekends, I finally managed to enjoy one of the minor the perks of being in Division 2. Which is to get up at 9am and have a leisurely breakfast on Saturday morning. We had so much time to kill last Saturday that we considered having a swim before heading out to the field.

We rode the motor bikes and scooters we rented to the field and the gear bags were chucked on the pick up truck taxis. I thought riding bikes to the field was one of the coolest thing we did at Pattaya.

We didn't get a chance to walk the field on Friday due to technical reasons. I think it was ok because that meant we avoided over analysing and over planning the games. We started after lunch with a walk-over in our first game and we went 3 up with 2 quick wins. I watched our break out in our first few games and I felt really good and our front guys broke really well and hit the 40s and 50s almost immediately. Our doritos was quick and our snake side was consistently making the 50s and taking kills.

We dropped one game on Sat to CMX which I thought was the in form team. We finished Sat with 5-1 which was a a good result considering the fact we were playing D2 teams from World Cup Asia.

On Sat night we all went out for seafood dinner at a coffee shop in town - ordered the whole menu and drank all the soft drink we could and the bill turned out to be $6 Singapore dollars.

We had 4 prelim games to play on Sunday morning, we lost 2 and won the other 2 and qualified second place which was a nice surprise. We dropped one game due to penalties and the last game I scraped though a 1 v 1 with Demonic Jr which had a couple of Infernal guys.

The second round was always our bug bear- so we didn't talk about it at all. We just geared up and played our game. We were relaxed and everything was going our way. He had luck with us all weekend and kept the penalties to a minimum and even when we got a 1 for 1 we managed to win that game. We cruised past the 2 teams in the second round and lost the last game to Alien 11 which overwhelmed us with their speed.

So we made it into the final 4 finishing second in our bracket which meant we were going to play CMX who finished top in their bracket. The final four was CMX vs Red Sevens and the two Thai teams Alien 11 and Volcano 62 duked it out on the other semi finals.

Being in the final four Division 2 teams left in the competition, late on Sunday afternoon the sun was getting low and there were less people around was an experience rare to us. Again we were relaxed and didn't think to much about who we were going to play but more on how we were going to get into our bunkers and how were were going to play our game.

In game 1 we lost our doritos and then the backs quickly - we folded too fast. We weren't too disappointed just cleaned up and got ready for the second game. After that we just somehow upped our game and went on a 4 game streak. In game 2 we got lucky when CMX scored a 1 for 1 penalty which gave us a break. And in Game 3 we swept up the doritos quickly and it ended up with a 3 on 1 to make it into the final.

We lost on Alien 11 in the prelims earlier that morning and we had a lot of respect for them because they have been around for many years. They even had the bikini girls from Club Climax come out and cheer for them!

I didn't know how well we played in the finals until I saw the game videos after we got back. We swept Alien 11 2-0 both games with 5 guys alive. After winning the first game we were on a 3 same win streak. We didn't want to play a third game and we got to business got ready and waited for our final game. Matthew Nekvapil from Furious was with us since the semi finals and talked to the team just before the final game and made a slight change in the game plan.

The final game was so fast we broke out well and shot out their corners - our doritos again went to the 50s in no time and our snake was in line with the doritos. We shifted the back line and trapped their snake in snake one. Their backs ended up shooting at empty bunkers which allowed Ivan to move up the snake to shoot out their last corner and finally bunker their snake. We won Game 2 in 1 min and 12 seconds with all 5 guys alive.

Victory was sweet and unbelievable we were hugging everyone including the guys from Contract Killers who were all there with us. Jean-Noel Péché from Facefull was right there taking pictures of our celebrations "we are going to be in Facefull!!!"

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