Monday, March 8, 2010


This is really interesting- the organisers did the draw for Division 1 teams for the PIPC Pattaya International Paintball Championship on video and posted it on youtube.

The intention was to spread out all the Malaysian and Thai teams with the international teams into 3 groups. I guess doing it early will save time and everyone will know which teams they will be grouped in - sort of like the football World Cup.

The person speaking is Junaidi Khalil who will be the tournament ultimate - some of you might have seen the feature on him in FACEFULL.

Thanks to Ben Toddo at Propaintball for sending me this

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Junior said...

Very nicely done. Kudos to the organizers. Here's the draw according to the clip:

Group A:
1. Raskal (Malaysia)
2. Delta Rovers (Malaysia)
3. Highway Star (Thailand)
4. Taiwan Paintball Sports Club (Taiwan)
5. Datis (Iran)

Group B:
1. Legionnaire (Malaysia)
2. Demonz Red (Malaysia)
3. Hytorius (Thailand)
4. Persian Legend (Iran)
5. Xtioneer (Malaysia)

Group C:
1. Warrior (Malaysia)
2. Nemesis Legion (Malaysia)
3. Infernal (Thailand)
4. STK (Australia)
5. Mission To Mars (Thailand)