Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The last time we appeared on Dye's website it was when we got second in Division 3 in the MPOC last year. This appearance is sweeter as its for winning Division 2 in a PALS event in Pattaya.

Yes the DM9s and NTs markers we shot were awesomely fast and smooth all weekend. It was easy to break and put the lane up and keep it on target with the Dye markers having virtually no kick. Even our snake guy got a ton of kills shooting an Proto M7. Our back line were using the Rotor with the large capacity top shell so that gave us more paint in the breakouts to shoot the lanes longer.

Thanks to all at Dye for the great gear and the wonderful support.



Adam said...

Congratulations, wish I could have gotten to Thailand for the event.

Adam @ThisISPaintball.ca

Anonymous said...

I can`t believe no one has commented before me. What the hell??
It was awesome hearing from Ryosuke and Keishi about you guys winning D2. Can`t wait to see you guys in Taiwan or the Philippines.
The NT is so accurate, isn`t it? Once you get it broken in, it is nice. Shoots as straight as my Threshold which was my most accurate marker.
Well, just wanted to post before forgetting again.

Khaine `Hollywood` Smith
Team Ku

SEBURO said...
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SEBURO said...

Thank you ADAM - there is PALS 2 in Manila in August. Pattaya was very unique and really a ton of fun lots of things to see and do. I hope to see you there next year.

Thanks Bro- man I so wished you came to Pattaya. You would have a blast of a time.

Yeah those NTs were so light a fast. We're getting one more the Gold and Black one.

Def see you in Manila AND Taiwan man.