Thursday, March 4, 2010


To support Paintball in my home town of Kuching Sarawak, my team mates and I have decided at the last min to fly over to participate in the SSC Cup this weekend.


The RED SEVENS will be joining our esteemed guests from Dye who are flying over from Taiwan - Mikko Huttnen of the Los Angeles Ironmen and Dave Youngblood who is the owner of Dye Precision who are also our sponsors.

The Red Sevens will also be representing furious Paintball and offering everyone at the SSC to try out a Furious Barrel. We will have barrels to loan out to anyone who wants to try it out in 1 or 2 games during the weekend. Do come and approach out team table at the SSC Cup. We ill have the 14 inch and the special edition 16 inch furius Barrels available.

The Red Sevens will also be on hand to demo the SEED RtR Upgrade for the Rotor Loaders. Come and check it out- Ben would be happy to show you how the SEED Chip and motor will save you batteries and solve ball jams in the Rotor.

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