Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Team Jerseys

The team is in the middle of considering options for 2008- do we go with JT's semi sponsorship which gives us a lot of gear or do we save money and just get jerseys from DYE since everyone has dye gear.

My only problem with the JT deal is that I already have 3 JT masks and I just got a Vlocity loader- not much point for me to get all these 'extras'. The only thing we need is jerseys.

Bonusball King replied with their quote to design and make the custom jerseys for us- the cost is quite good- it costs the same as a good jersey from dye.

I would prefer to have a Bonusball designed jersey as it'll be unique to all the other JT and Dye jerseys.


Played paintball on both days on thw weekend- Sat was a bit of a let down with no players around to challenge - so we did a bit of drills.

On Sunday there we had some new players that came up with us- 2 guys from Klimaxx who are going to participate in MPOC JB in Nov. They got their butts kicked by the kids- and I dont envy them because MPOC is going to be really tough for them. They are in the same positon we were about 8 months ago when we played our first MPOC tournament. Back then we were fresh meat for the established teams- but somehow we managed to whack a couple of them with mechanical markers no less and make it to Sunday and play in the second round. So I hope these guys do decently well.

The JB teams organised a mini practice tournament at Southern Extreme- we were invited to participate but we have people coming up with us so we couldnt play with them- we did drop by to say hello and catch up on gossip. AND we found the Werdnahol "Shop" in Tampoi.

Traffic jam on the way back from JB on Sunday was a killer- an hour plus to get to the check point.

PP managed to get his passport and stayed over my place for two nights. We watched Heroes for a Day a couple of times. I practically know all the action bits in the movie.

Sunday night after dinner we had a team meeting at my place- we talked about the up coming MPOC and the World Cup Asia in KL in Dec. I have a bit of apprehension with MPOC - its almost our "home" tournament and I'd really like to do well.

This weekend we will journey to KL to train with PP and Shah- hopefully this will work out the team plays. Shah is a great player and fits well into the R7 line up- we hope to sign him up for 2008.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Smart Parts Markers

I dont fancy any of the new ones- the IonXE looks like it has a new body kit and nothing else. I thought you can't get any cheaper than the ION- well SP has made a marker even cheaper (possibly crappier) Vibe. Of the three the EOS is the better looking and has more potential. Oherwise its too Batman-esque

I still like the Shocker NXT- silver for me please.


First thoughts on the new 08 Ironmen jersey is that it doesn't really impress - it kinda looks like something from the 06 and 07 jerseys put together. I still prefer the 07 away in black.

The C8 pants looks like it just has extra red panels in the front..

PB this weekend

PP drove down from KL to JB this afternoon but because he left his passport in KL he couldn't make it for the dinner at Evil Chef's. So PP played night PB at Southern Extreme with S2K while we ate a huge and long dinner. All of us finished at about midnight and so did PP in SX.

PP brought our markers down from KL too- so tomorrow I'll be shooting my beloved and missed Cyborg. I'll have to clean and service it and re grease the rammer and re oil the bolt. And i'll get to try the Vlocity on it for the firs time too.

Tomorrow I'll have to haul up marker gear the 2 hoppers, tool kit, grease, gun oil, barrel kit- gas bottle covers etc all the things I didnt need last week.

Hopefully we'll get a few games in too- we got left over paint from PALS which we'll use since they're the same as the current house paint.

Can't wait to ramp the Cyborg with the Vlocity.

4 down 5 more to go

Evil Chef working on our Vongole

The main course "how think you want your steak to be" it was about 300gsm.

My party of Red

Sam Anne Me said that my birthday dinner celebrations (9 dinners in a row) is like an Indian wedding- many many nights.

And I've had crab in some form or other in every dinner too...tomorrow night for sure we'll have chili crab.

Tonights dinner was the best so far- good food great company and good laughs. The salmon was superb THANK YOU TO EVIL CHEF.

We had oyster soup- salmon - Pasta Vongole - thick steak - and for dessert home made brownies with ice cream. The Salmon with the salmon skin bits was the most memorable dish.

I do like the idea of setting up a BBQ at the field at JB on MPOC in JB Sunday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Its my birthday.

I am broke on my birthday

I don't have much

Have a few friends

Hope to see them all this birthday

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nike Bruin Max R7

Nike has come back with proposals for sneakers for the RED SEVENS. They will be known as the Air Bruin Max R7. They come in 3 colours: Red White and Black.

Which would you pick?

I pick the white one and the red.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Many happy returns and stupid photos of yourself in your facebook and friendster


My fav thing to do in the world - hang out with the team - watching and talking about paintball.

King pretending to be Melissa Campbell who wore the same pants and vest the whole weekend at PALS KL

Practice was fun- we blew 2 boxes- played some games and did team drills. The other JB teams were there too but we didnt have enough paint to play them. They had egos and eteks with sly barrels and I wasn't like going to ask to play them with us having to use the housemarkers. Though it was nice to see they have new Spyder Sonix markers. I wished I had a 16 inch barrel.....

Bugger it - after talking it over with KING about barrels - 16 inch might be cumbersome to shoot with...I might just get a 14 inch instead. Will order it tonight along with the STK jersey. My cheque should have cleared by now.

We played more than 8 games on Sunday and I think that was enough for a weekend. Next weekend we can play on both days if we wanted- just that paint is more exp in JB. PP is planning to drive up with our markers so we'd get some games with them. Then I wont mind playing the egos and eteks.

We found a good place to have dinner afterwards- Black Canyon Coffee place. Made it back home in time to watch the Black Donnelys and the last F1 GP.

There is going to be a practice tournament at Southern Extreme next Sunday at 9am. We're been invited to play with the 4 JB teams. I want to know much much paint is first. I hope PP can bring some paint down as we can save a bit - I'll have to ask him to get a couple of boxes.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy and make the (RED)SEVENS t shirts.

And I'm going to get my spare barrel powder coated.

and paint the Vlocity- chrome.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Practice Tomorrow

Practice is on tomorrow in JB. All the Red Sevens who live in Singapore are going up to practice - I'm guessing the JB teams will there too.

I got together all the gear I have to take with me and its a bit more than usual because I have KING's harness and pants which he wanted me to wash from the photo shoot. Its not going to fit into my normal sling bag so I'm going to have to take the big nike 'body bag'.

Here is my "pro gear"
1. (RED)SEVENS t shirt
2. Dye Ironmen jersey
3. Nike goal keeper shorts with padding on the sides
4. Nike turf shoes
5. Proto knee pads
6. Eclipse elbow pads - (new and still white)
7. NXe barrel sock
8. Squeegie - to clear barrels if paint burst in them.
9. JT Proflex mask - my tournament mask.
10. Dye pants (King's)
11. Proto pants
12. NXe 3+2+2 harness (smaller than the 4+3+2)
13. NXe 4+3+2 harness (King's)
14. My paintball dispenser with 2 Proto Pods inside.
15. Towels - lots of towels to wipe paint off when you get hit and towels for sweating like hell.

NOT SHOWN> wrist bands, socks, tissues, drink tank passport and money (almost forgot!)

All this is excluding marker gear, tank, loaders/hoppers, too kit and my barrel kit. Not going to bring these as my marker is in KL with Padam Pelita. Have to practice with house Spyder markers - hence that is why I want to get my town Sypder threaded barrels.

Good thing I did this list- I almost forgot my gloves and passport which are not in the pic.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Team Jersey Design

Some ideas I came up with for our team jersey based on Bonusball King's design for STK. I really like the STK jersey- I'm going to order one next week.

EDIT> I am working on a logo/crest to put on the jersey.

Nicky Cuba's KM7

Killing Machine has come up with a custom Dye marker for my fav player Nicky Cuba called the KM7. It comes with a new 3D body styling with custom laser engraving of Killing Machine's signature samurai motifs.

Its got a LIFETIME WARRANTY with the HATRED board pre-loaded with SYMBIO SYNC wifi that syncs with SYMBIO loaders.

KM7s also come with Nicky Cuba's Team Ironmen Jersey.

BUT I still prefer the SL66 ICE CUBA though.

Studio Photos

The photos from the studio shoot last week are finally ready - I cropped them all to the same size for the media kit / sponsor proposal.

The people missing are Padam Pelita* and Slow Poke- maybe I'll just photoshop them onto Louis' body.

*edited with apologies

Thursday, October 18, 2007

PP Problem

Padam Petir has told us that he can't make it to MPOC5 in JB because of family commitments. Its cool - things like these happen.

We have to readjust the team slightly.

Shah will be coming down from KL and we'll have Evil Chef and Calgar with us so we're still well covered. Its not like MPOC2 our first tournament and we had exactly enough players.

And its a good thing that I have some game time playing in the damn snake.... since I'm never going to get my 16" barrel I guess I can sneak around the snake with my 14" and Or even the 10" - I'd be really compact :P

(look out for the barrage of comments)

This was what were were like 10 months ago in MPOC2 playing our first tournament with rental markers with that piece of shit Spyder marker and gravity hopper. That thing couldn't shoot straight if it didn't jam - but at least the hopper was reliable.


I read an article on dancesport "Don't scoff, dancesport is no walk in the park" on the cover of yesterday's Straits Times- written by a guy I used to know. I got his email and I'm going to write to him and pitch to him to write a story on the RedSevens and Paintball.

The dancesport story was about a boy who started ballroom dancing when he was 10 years old and now he's going to represent Singapore in the SEA games and World Indoor games in Macau. I guess reading between the lines they want to promote this sport - as its the only sport they might win something since all the Chinese born atheletes that Singapore hired have run away.

So lets see what Leonard replies with.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Looks like we have a possible sponsor. My good friend Eric who is a great designer is going to start a t shirt design company and has offered to sponsor the team for 2008.

We will be wearing Red Seven tshirts designed by them at tournaments and practice games. Hopefully we can get them to design our jerseys too.

I'm back in!

Thanks to google who sent me a reset password link this morning - I reset my password- and I'm back in!

Thanks to many of you who emailed and MSN to try and help me.

If you think that the pop-ups are too annoying - do drop a note in the cbox.

I am considering removing and looking for something else.

And yes I wrote my username and password down :P

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten more days....

till my birthday.

What do I want for my birthday?



A week ago Sunday – I was really saddened to learn that one of my favourite bike racers - Norifumi Abe pased away in a stupid traffic accident while riding his bike in Kawasaki, Japan. Known as the 'Racing Star', he was only 32 when he passed away. Fans of Norick will always remember his upright riding style with long hair flowing out of the back of his helmet.

Norick Abe made his world championship debut in 1994 as a wild card at the Japanese Grand Prix. Two years later he won first of his three wins in the world championship in 1996 in Japan. I remember that day and that ride – it was an unbelievable ride and exciting win for a young Japanese rider to win in his home GP.

Norick has a junior racing program for kids called TEAM NORICK JR. I have a huge amount of respect for him to give something back to the kids with this program.

RIP Nori.

No game

It'll be Sunday tomorrow...and we don't have a game.

Its getting frustrating with the new gear and stuff but we cant go and play and test out the new hopper. My marker is in KL and I miss it- I also need to strip it and clean it and re grease the rammer and re oil the bolt.

We need the practice too. But tomorrow will be the second day of Hari Raya and no one will work at the PB field in JB. In the next few weeks the field will be full of JB teams practicing- which is good and bad. We'd have teams to practice against - but well have to play house markers.

I wish this was like California where a pro team/player could buy a ranch and have 1-2 fields and the whole team can train there anytime. Forget about having to get a license to operate a PB field in Singapore- I just want a private place to train.

Hire a warehouse with air con - lay out artificial turf and have private practice sessions in there all weekend or anytime we want.

Times like these I envy the Waugh guys who can bring their plastic "guns" anywhere and play without the authorities coming after you.

I wonder if a cop who stumbles onto my blog will think that my house is stock piled with markers. Well I don't have my marker with me in Singapore- I dont have a fire arm license yet and there is no point keeping it here as we don't play in Singapore anway.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

08 EGO

Just got this pic from DARLIE - I think silver/clear finish is going to be the 'in' colour for PB in 2008

Pimped the Vlocity

Installed the "speedfeed"
(paintballs go in and stay in - saves time from opening and closing a lid)

This "speedfeed" clips on the outside like the original lid.
I put extra tape under the lip it so it locks tighter.

The "idiot proof" old skool switch as described my DARLIE - flick the switch and the light goes on to tell you its "on".

Pimped my PULSE

The PULSE next to the VLOCITY

Yes that is a silver Speedfeed

Natusumi Kono is a Race Queen I met

Thats the view from my office

MacDev's New Marker

Its called the DROID and it looks like a......Shocker!
Set for release at PSP World Cup 2007

Official notes here.

Borg Pimping

I am thinking of getting a 'contrast kit' which you can buy a set of eye covers (diagonal strips), gladiator ring (the foregrip), LPR cover (short stub under the barrel) and feedneck clamp (ring that camps the hopper at the top of the markr) all in red as seen here. There are other colours too including chrome which I am also considering.

Only problem is that having red accents will make my Cyborg look like the Syndey X-fighter$' and Team Werdnahol's custom team borgs. (as seen above)
USD$50 for the set which something that doesn't improve any performance....hmmm

I recently sent my spare 2 piece MatchStik barrel to be power coated. The back will be in red like you see in the pic above and the front will be white. Speaking of which I have to chase the guy (P.C.) who's supposed to be doing it and he's not like Speedy Gonzalez.

I really shouldn't look at the picture threads in pbnation because I found something new to "want" - A WHITE BOLT!!!! WTF did he find a damn white coloured bolt!! Even the bolt pin is white!

EDIT> EvilChef found this on pbnation - its an old bolt which is longer than the 07 bolt. The new bolt is shorter and lighter and operates without any o rings.

Stock coloured Cyborgs

If you're damn free and want to have a look at Cyborgs click here.

Vlocity on a Cyborg 7

This is what a Vlocity looks like on a 07 Cyborg like mine in 'Stormtrooper' colour. This is actually not my marker - I have a MacDev 68 tank on mine and thats a Crossfire Tank. Believe it or not I haven't got any pics of my marker.

With stickers on - I'm not a huge fan of having so many stickers on my hopper. I wouldn't mind having the JT mask with white google frame. The white frame alone is super hard to find and sell on ebay for USD$75++

Empire's new Magna hopper

It looks weird - I guess its because the feedneck is so far front compared to a HALO below. They moved the batteries to the back - I wonder how that balances the hopper out as the back of the gun would tend to be heavier than the front. Will the Magna clobber you in the head since its going to sit so far back on the gun?

PROS > with the front of the hopper being further back- you can play deeper in your bunker- if you ask me why I think they designed it to look unbalanced- my guess is that to allow you to play deeper in your bunker. Comes with a magnetic lid (is that why they called it a Magna?)

CONS > the hopper is unbalanced without a doubt- there is more pressure on the feedneck with the whole body being at the back so it'll prone snapping off. The battery case is running across the body which means the body is wide.

Pimped my Vlocity

I weighed it at the office and it was 420grams without paint in it- by rough estimation its about 1/3 lighter than my Pulse loader.

How much did it cost?
USD$110 (SGD160) + SGD$22 vpost
= SGD$182 that is RM410 - RM190 cheaper than getting it in KL

I dismantled the Vlocity and put in the "speedfeed" I bought like 2 months ago at PALS in August. At first I thought I could fit the whole thing inside the shell as seen in some in pbnation but I found that mine has to go outside. And it clips on like and flips up like the old lid as you secure it in place with the hinge pin.

Tested it with some old paint I had and it seemed to work quite fast.... it's damn noisy though. The balls tend to "stick" inside when you 'stop shooting' but many my paint is old. From initial observation - the PULSE is smoother and faster but the Vlocity is much lighter despite needing 2 9v batteries. The PULSE only requires 1 9v which saves on weight however it is still heavier overall.

I do like the old school switch which is as DARLIE once described to me as "idiot-proof" compared to HALOS and PULSE where you have to press the 'on' button and translate a series of green/red blips to tell if its on or not. Something which is annoying when you're at the starting gate and wondering if your loader is on or not. I have started 1-2 games with my loader off :P

Next is to get a red shell

And I really love these custom chromed Vlocities - I wonder how they did these - with chrome paint or stickers?