Saturday, October 27, 2007

PB this weekend

PP drove down from KL to JB this afternoon but because he left his passport in KL he couldn't make it for the dinner at Evil Chef's. So PP played night PB at Southern Extreme with S2K while we ate a huge and long dinner. All of us finished at about midnight and so did PP in SX.

PP brought our markers down from KL too- so tomorrow I'll be shooting my beloved and missed Cyborg. I'll have to clean and service it and re grease the rammer and re oil the bolt. And i'll get to try the Vlocity on it for the firs time too.

Tomorrow I'll have to haul up marker gear the 2 hoppers, tool kit, grease, gun oil, barrel kit- gas bottle covers etc all the things I didnt need last week.

Hopefully we'll get a few games in too- we got left over paint from PALS which we'll use since they're the same as the current house paint.

Can't wait to ramp the Cyborg with the Vlocity.

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