Sunday, October 14, 2007

No game

It'll be Sunday tomorrow...and we don't have a game.

Its getting frustrating with the new gear and stuff but we cant go and play and test out the new hopper. My marker is in KL and I miss it- I also need to strip it and clean it and re grease the rammer and re oil the bolt.

We need the practice too. But tomorrow will be the second day of Hari Raya and no one will work at the PB field in JB. In the next few weeks the field will be full of JB teams practicing- which is good and bad. We'd have teams to practice against - but well have to play house markers.

I wish this was like California where a pro team/player could buy a ranch and have 1-2 fields and the whole team can train there anytime. Forget about having to get a license to operate a PB field in Singapore- I just want a private place to train.

Hire a warehouse with air con - lay out artificial turf and have private practice sessions in there all weekend or anytime we want.

Times like these I envy the Waugh guys who can bring their plastic "guns" anywhere and play without the authorities coming after you.

I wonder if a cop who stumbles onto my blog will think that my house is stock piled with markers. Well I don't have my marker with me in Singapore- I dont have a fire arm license yet and there is no point keeping it here as we don't play in Singapore anway.

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