Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PALS Singapore Cup

PALS - Paintball Asian League Series is currently played in Taiwan, Phillipines, Thailand and Malaysia.

I'd like to see a Leg played in Singapore. It's only logical as Singapore is a central location to these neighbouring countries. And Singapore wants to be the hub of international sporting events in the region. Transportation is the best with a world class airport and train and public bus and the city is clean and easy to get around- perfect for Formula 1 good enough for PALS.


Only one big problem- markers are still considered as "fire arms". So rather than moan about it here. Let me propose something to circumvent this problem. Have it across the border in Johore. Have the Singapore Leg of the PALS and (even the MPOC) in JB.


Many sporting events are held not 'exactly' in their stated countries because of various circumstances - for example in Formula 1 the "San Marino Grand Prix" is not held in the tiny country of San Marino but across the border in Italy at Imola.

So why not organise a "Singapore Cup" and hold it in JB? We can bring all the sponsors and pay prize money in Singapore dollar. And logistics and staffing will be cheaper to have it in Malaysia than in Singapore. And we won't have to worry about having to hire security etc etc. Everyone can fly into Singapore- stay in a Singapore hotel if you want to or stay in a JB hotel. Hell the from the field you can actually see Singapore too.

Now I am NOT a Singaporean - so I won't lose face if people start asking "why isn't the Singapore Cup held in Singapore" and the reasons/excuses will spill out. I don't have a problem if some people in high places get egg (or paint if you like) on their faces because the "Singapore Cup" is not held in Singapore. It'll be a good wake up call to some if they really want to have the Singapore Cup/PALS leg in Singapore- they're going to have change some mind sets to make it happen.

I'll have no ego about it- unlike 'Singapore' which if you didn't know has a rule about calling your company starting with "Singapore....". E.G. you cannot call yourself/your company anything with the name "Singapore" in front of your name like 'Singapore Paintball Championships' or "Singapore Chicken Rice Company" unless they approve and see that your event or company is up to their standards.

So if the "Singapore Cup" was staged in Johore- we can all it the "Singapore Cup". All I want is to have a tournament - near enough for Singaporeans to come and watch and get into the game and to support their one and only home team.


Ok lets say if they let us organise a Paintball tournament in Singapore....

I picture having 2-3 fields set up at the Padang. With the make shift spectator stands they use for the Rugby 7s. We'd have thousands of curious spectators coming to watch. We'd be in the local news for sure - ESPN is in town they'd cover it. After only one 2 day tournament we'll have hundreds of people suddenly interested in playing the sport. We'll have teams formed overnight- the sport will be a boom just from one tournament set at the Padang.


Paintball on ESPN's X GAMES in Singapore. And if not....there is always JB next door to stage it.

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ResidentEvilChef said...

luv to see this happen, but wishful thinking???