Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Played paintball on both days on thw weekend- Sat was a bit of a let down with no players around to challenge - so we did a bit of drills.

On Sunday there we had some new players that came up with us- 2 guys from Klimaxx who are going to participate in MPOC JB in Nov. They got their butts kicked by the kids- and I dont envy them because MPOC is going to be really tough for them. They are in the same positon we were about 8 months ago when we played our first MPOC tournament. Back then we were fresh meat for the established teams- but somehow we managed to whack a couple of them with mechanical markers no less and make it to Sunday and play in the second round. So I hope these guys do decently well.

The JB teams organised a mini practice tournament at Southern Extreme- we were invited to participate but we have people coming up with us so we couldnt play with them- we did drop by to say hello and catch up on gossip. AND we found the Werdnahol "Shop" in Tampoi.

Traffic jam on the way back from JB on Sunday was a killer- an hour plus to get to the check point.

PP managed to get his passport and stayed over my place for two nights. We watched Heroes for a Day a couple of times. I practically know all the action bits in the movie.

Sunday night after dinner we had a team meeting at my place- we talked about the up coming MPOC and the World Cup Asia in KL in Dec. I have a bit of apprehension with MPOC - its almost our "home" tournament and I'd really like to do well.

This weekend we will journey to KL to train with PP and Shah- hopefully this will work out the team plays. Shah is a great player and fits well into the R7 line up- we hope to sign him up for 2008.

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