Monday, October 22, 2007


My fav thing to do in the world - hang out with the team - watching and talking about paintball.

King pretending to be Melissa Campbell who wore the same pants and vest the whole weekend at PALS KL

Practice was fun- we blew 2 boxes- played some games and did team drills. The other JB teams were there too but we didnt have enough paint to play them. They had egos and eteks with sly barrels and I wasn't like going to ask to play them with us having to use the housemarkers. Though it was nice to see they have new Spyder Sonix markers. I wished I had a 16 inch barrel.....

Bugger it - after talking it over with KING about barrels - 16 inch might be cumbersome to shoot with...I might just get a 14 inch instead. Will order it tonight along with the STK jersey. My cheque should have cleared by now.

We played more than 8 games on Sunday and I think that was enough for a weekend. Next weekend we can play on both days if we wanted- just that paint is more exp in JB. PP is planning to drive up with our markers so we'd get some games with them. Then I wont mind playing the egos and eteks.

We found a good place to have dinner afterwards- Black Canyon Coffee place. Made it back home in time to watch the Black Donnelys and the last F1 GP.

There is going to be a practice tournament at Southern Extreme next Sunday at 9am. We're been invited to play with the 4 JB teams. I want to know much much paint is first. I hope PP can bring some paint down as we can save a bit - I'll have to ask him to get a couple of boxes.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy and make the (RED)SEVENS t shirts.

And I'm going to get my spare barrel powder coated.

and paint the Vlocity- chrome.


PadamPelita said...

RedSeven's version of Melissa Campbell!
I should post his pix in Gang's thread.. maybe they want to recruit him next season as spoke's person..

PadamPelita said...

I'll try to get couple of boxes down to JB.. are we playing in Southern Extreme next weekend?? Duh.. i dun fancy that field.. Sha cant make it. He got 'kursus perkahwinan' to attend.

I'm going to get SLY 16 inch carbon fibre barrel front and the back thread for ION from Skirmish Asia.. damage expected $$RM480

ResidentEvilChef said...

actually should hv gotten him while he was wearing his 'ladies undergarment' on his head....

reminds me of little house on the prairie

ResidentEvilChef said...

how come ben aka melissa photo like smaller.......