Thursday, October 11, 2007

Team photo shoot tonight

I organised a photo shoot Thurs night for the team to get portraits for the media kit and sponsorship proposals and to use for websites etc.

Hopefully this will help us get some sponsors and at the least the media kit would get us more publicity.

I plan to have a kit or two ready for every tournament to hand out to the press. And as well as to send a press release to the local media before and after every tournament.

After the shoot CALGAR will finally get to discover what a "Botak Jones" is....

I'll be great to see the guys again- haven't seen them in 2 weeks and we always have a good time goofing around and talking about PB shit.

Im going to bet him a burger than KING and ELLE will be late (becaue they are always late) even though I have given them a fake time to get them to actually turn up on time. If you're reading this KING... you have to turn up at 730pm.

This is a nice little music video from CALGAR by SUM41

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cirem said...

me shoot also can ah? hehe.