Sunday, October 7, 2007

Which Barrel should I get....?

We go up to JB to play a lot and since we have to use their house markers which are Spyders I have been thinking about getting my own barrel to use on the house markers there so I can at least shoot straight.

I just want something cheap reliable and good. So at the moment I'm considering two 16 inch which are both made my Smart Parts - both are single piece barrels.

At first I wanted this one which is called Smart Parts Progressive barrel one which I saw as silver at Werdnahol shop a while ago- nice and simple. It has a progressive tapered body and spiral ports (holes) at the tips that stabalises the ball before it shoots out of the barrel.

Then I saw this Linear barrel in an ad which also looked simpler. It has straight porting which helps to keep the ball straight and have less noise when you shoot.

The The Linear is is US$30 and the Progressive is US$5 more at US$35

Which one should I get?

Which colour - silver or red?


ResidentEvilChef said...

red!! get the friggin' red barrel! which brand i dunno... 'coz i not savvy abt this kinda stuff yet... Savvy?

techno-teekopek said...

Progressive barrel.

The linear holes make it quieter but don't really make your ball fly straight. The spiral helps to spin the ball - resulting in a better flight path.

SEBURO said...

Thanks- I will most probably get the progressive but in silver because red is out of stock.