Sunday, October 21, 2007

Practice Tomorrow

Practice is on tomorrow in JB. All the Red Sevens who live in Singapore are going up to practice - I'm guessing the JB teams will there too.

I got together all the gear I have to take with me and its a bit more than usual because I have KING's harness and pants which he wanted me to wash from the photo shoot. Its not going to fit into my normal sling bag so I'm going to have to take the big nike 'body bag'.

Here is my "pro gear"
1. (RED)SEVENS t shirt
2. Dye Ironmen jersey
3. Nike goal keeper shorts with padding on the sides
4. Nike turf shoes
5. Proto knee pads
6. Eclipse elbow pads - (new and still white)
7. NXe barrel sock
8. Squeegie - to clear barrels if paint burst in them.
9. JT Proflex mask - my tournament mask.
10. Dye pants (King's)
11. Proto pants
12. NXe 3+2+2 harness (smaller than the 4+3+2)
13. NXe 4+3+2 harness (King's)
14. My paintball dispenser with 2 Proto Pods inside.
15. Towels - lots of towels to wipe paint off when you get hit and towels for sweating like hell.

NOT SHOWN> wrist bands, socks, tissues, drink tank passport and money (almost forgot!)

All this is excluding marker gear, tank, loaders/hoppers, too kit and my barrel kit. Not going to bring these as my marker is in KL with Padam Pelita. Have to practice with house Spyder markers - hence that is why I want to get my town Sypder threaded barrels.

Good thing I did this list- I almost forgot my gloves and passport which are not in the pic.

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