Monday, October 8, 2007


A couple of months ago I started talking to a few people about sponsoring the team. Most were very interested in the sport but most were also closed minded about sponsoring us. I'd say to be fair not totally closed minded but rather they thought that I just wanted their money.

I realise that there is no market for paintball in Singapore because it doesn't exist as a sport. However there are many brands that are marketed here are also marketed in Malaysia too where we play and get a considerable amount of press coverage being "the only team from Singapore".

Still I couldn't get anyone to sponsor us. Last night Darlie showed me a website to a new Paintball brand and they had a page that talked about possible sponsorship. All we have to do is provide them with team and player information. So I thought what the hell lets give it a shot and send them our team details.

Hopefully we can fix a date to take individual portraits for the team media kit which I intend to prepare and as well as a sponsorship pack.

What I am hoping for is some gear to be sponsored and more some cash so we can cover our paints in tournaments next year.

Looks like Im going to be doing a lot of talking and writing to people.

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techno-teekopek said...

yeah man - you need nice team portraits for the press releases and bios etc.
fix a date, come into my studio and we'll get those really moody shots done.
just tell me when you need to rock up.
I'm ready when you are.