Saturday, October 27, 2007

4 down 5 more to go

Evil Chef working on our Vongole

The main course "how think you want your steak to be" it was about 300gsm.

My party of Red

Sam Anne Me said that my birthday dinner celebrations (9 dinners in a row) is like an Indian wedding- many many nights.

And I've had crab in some form or other in every dinner too...tomorrow night for sure we'll have chili crab.

Tonights dinner was the best so far- good food great company and good laughs. The salmon was superb THANK YOU TO EVIL CHEF.

We had oyster soup- salmon - Pasta Vongole - thick steak - and for dessert home made brownies with ice cream. The Salmon with the salmon skin bits was the most memorable dish.

I do like the idea of setting up a BBQ at the field at JB on MPOC in JB Sunday.

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emm said...

Arther is *SMILING*!!! :O